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Student Staff Application: Prepare Your Short Essay Answers

Read carefully: When you submit your application online, you will want to be sure to have the answers to the following questions polished. Please prepare clear and concise answer to the questions for all candidates and for questions specific to the position for which you are applying. Please limit your responses to 250 words.

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All Candidates

  • Identify and describe things that you do really well in a work environment. Also identify and describe things that are challenges for you in the work environment.
  • What qualities do you feel a great student staff member should possess?  How do you exemplify those qualities?
  • What organizations and extracurricular activities (campus, departmental, honorary, social, service, etc.) do you plan to be involved in next year?  Please provide a list with the estimated number of hours per week and any offices held.

RA/SA Candidates

  • Why are you interested in being an RA/SA?
  • What is the role of an RA/SA in the hall and on campus?
  • How do you define the word "community" in terms of life in the residence halls?  How might you go about developing community on your floor?
  • As an RA/SA, how will you relate to the diverse population of residents in your community?

ARCH Candidates

  • Why are you interested in the ARCH position?
  • What is the role of an ARCH in the hall and on campus?
  • Discuss academic challenges Northwest students face. As an ARCH, what would you do to help students find solutions?
  • How does living on campus help students succeed academically?

BRIDGE Candidates

  • Why do you feel you would make a good BRIDGE?
  • What is the role of a BRIDGE in the hall and on campus?
  • Please identify some challenges that are specific to our underrepresented and international students at Northwest. As a BRIDGE, how would you help?
  • Discuss how a diverse campus culture is a new experience for all students at Northwest. How will you as a BRIDGE promote understanding and acceptance within that culture?

DM Candidates

  • Why are you interested in the DM position?
  • What skills and or experiences do you possess that best qualify you for the DM position?
  • What challenges could you face while supervising your peers?
  • In terms of discipline, how would you handle confrontation of staff you supervised?

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