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Improvement of Teaching and Learning Grants

To support and enhance the improvement of teaching and learning at Northwest, Academic Initiatives funds are allocated by the Provost to support projects which have met specific guidelines. This program is an open process whereby all university units are invited to submit proposals that are directed toward the improvement of teaching and learning within the framework of the mission of the university and the specific department or area. A sub-committee of the Faculty Senate's Assessment Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to the Provost Council for approval.

Below is the list of faculty/staff who received an Improvement of Teaching and Learning Grant:


  • Grant Recipient(s): Bob Bergland
  • Department/Area: School of Communication and Mass Media
  • Project Title: Developing Simulations for Teaching Reporting

  • Grant Recipient(s): John Carr
  • Department/Area: Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Project Title: Rescue Manikins for First Aid and Emergency Medical Training Simulations

  • Grant Recipient(s): Raj Goswami, John Pope, Jeff Bradley and Katherine Tott
  • Department/Area: Natural Sciences
  • Project Title: Metal Detectors & Statistical and Plotting Software (SigmaPlot) for Geosciences

  • Grant Recipient(s): Nissa Ingraham and José Palacios Perez
  • Department/Area: School of Education/Language, Literature and Writing
  • Project Title: Technology Assistive Language Learning and Acquisition (TALLA)