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Sport Science Lab

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The Sport Science Lab will train students to use state-of-the-art equipment commonly found in elite sporting facilities.


DARI Motion is a cutting-edge, eight-camera automated movement analysis system that provides analytics and feedback to clients in wellness, rehabilitation and performance settings. The DARI Motion system allows health and wellness professionals, therapists, athletic trainers and sport performance professionals to address movement concerns identified through the screening process.

TENDO velocity measurement allows sport science professionals the opportunity to develop and apply velocity-based training methods with clients to maximize strength development and enhance performance.

Blood lactate monitoring helps athletes to establish optimal training protocols, manage training loads and intensities and is a well-established marker for success in sport performance settings.

The AMTI (Advanced Mechanical Technology, Inc.) force platform is a portable sports performance force plate, ideally suited for jump and power assessment, which generates data from force production activities and allows for many learning and research opportunities for students.

The Vertimax V8 platform is an industry-leading vertical jump and speed training system. Using the system, a variety of training programs can be developed and analyzed for many sport and movement activities.

The Dynavision D2 light board is an effective sports training tool that allows athletes to further develop reaction time, visual awareness and hand-eye coordination. In addition to sports performance, the Dynavision D2 can be used in clinical rehabilitation settings to address visual, cognitive and motor deficits.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a movement screening tool used to evaluate fundamental movement patterns in individuals with no current pain or injury. The FMS is designed to demonstrate opportunities for improved movement in individuals.

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