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Wind Symphony Auditions - Fall 2023

Auditions for the 2023-2024 Wind Symphony will be held for all brass and percussion on Saturday, August 19 and for all woodwinds on Sunday, August 20.

All auditions will be held in the Fine Arts Building. The audition room for all woodwind and brass auditions is tentatively set for FA 254; percussion auditions are tentatively set to occur in the percussion studio, FA 01.

  1. Schedule your audition time; be sure you have selected the correct instrument area, i.e., Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion!
  2. ReadAudition Information” below.
  3. Download excerpts for your instrument from “Wind Symphony Audition Material” below.
  4. If you plan on printing the excerpts for your instrument, be sure to read “Instructions and Important Information About Printing”.

Audition Information

Auditions are open to ALL majors! Students do NOT need to be a music major to participate.

  1. Click on the pdf file below for your instrument; prepare all pages completely OR as marked.
    1. ALL saxophones use the same material.
    2. Trombones and Euphoniums DO NOT use the same material.
  2. Other required material for all instruments includes:
    1. Major scales (may be major OR minor, multiple octaves whenever possible/appropriate)
      • An additional scale (major or minor) may be requested by an audition panel member.
      • Play arpeggios ONLY if performed at the same tempo as the scale(s)!
    2. Chromatic scale (your full playable range...don't try higher or lower if it's not in your comfort zone!)

Instructions and Important Information About Printing

NOTE ABOUT PRINTING THE PDF FILES: Make sure to use the Printer Options available on the printer you use if/when printing these pages. Select, "Fit to Page" or "Scale to fit paper size", etc. Otherwise, some of the margins may extend beyond the pages you print!

Wind Symphony Audition Material

Email if you have any questions.