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Northwest Missouri State University

Class Descriptions

Focus and Technique Mini-Workshops:  10 – 10:30 a.m.

Supporting Athletic Performance with Yoga

Instructor: Alisha Francis (Ph.D., RYT 200)

Yoga can complement training regimens for many sports, but can also compromise performance. This session will provide insights into the ways that athletes can incorporate yoga into their conditioning for maximum benefit.

Emphasizing the Subtle

Instructor: Emily Fite (E-RYT 500, RN, BSN)

Explore subtle ways of keeping the body, mind and spirit open throughout the day. We’ll find several small modifications that we can utilize to keep our spine supple and find alignment on and off the matt.

Taming Shoulder Tension with Yoga

Instructor: TBD

Shoulder and neck tension are common complaints, yet there is much you can do in your yoga practice to relieve them.  In this focus session, participants will learn yoga poses that open and relax the muscles of the shoulders, arms, neck, and chest—sure to leave you saying “ahhhhhh…” (but in a good way!).

Special Topic Yoga Sessions:  10:35 a.m. – Noon

Mindfulness Meditation

Instructor: Mike Mattock (PsyD)

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by individuals throughout the world and is not exclusively associated with any specific belief system or religious denomination.  The practice of meditation has been proven to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of those who practice it on a routine basis.  Additional benefits include improved focus and attention, and a sense of inner calmness.  Today’s session is meant to introduce individuals to this ancient practice.  After an initial introductory discussion, participants will engage in meditation for a brief period of time.

Yoga for Flexibility and Injury Prevention

Instructor: Alisha Francis (RYT 200)

Flexibility is often considered one of the primary physical benefits of a yoga practice. This class will draw on anatomy and physiology principles to help maximize those benefits while also offering techniques to reduce the potential for injury during practice.

Yin Yoga (Deep Stretch)

Instructor: TBD

"Slow and steady" is the theme in this relaxed pace, deep stretch class.  Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body and helps regulate the flow of energy. Yin postures increase mobility in the body—especially the hips and joints, inviting greater flexibility in the muscles and connective tissues.  The experience brings a calming balance to mind and body.  Yin Yoga is practiced mainly on the floor and is a more passive process.  Students are asked to relax, breathe deeply and soften the muscles in the poses. Holding poses for up to three to five minutes, this experience provides a more  meditative quality to yoga practice than traditional Hatha or Flow classes.

Breaking Down the Sun Salutation

Instructor: Emily Fite (E- RYT 500)

The Sun Salutation is a fundamental part of yoga practice. Practiced with precision and reverence, it has the capability to bring physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. We will break down and study each pose, looking specifically at alignment in and between asana.  Join me as we explore variations of the salutations and modifications as needed for all levels.

General Sessions (for all students registered for the Yoga Retreat)

Morning Group Hatha Yoga    9-10 a.m.

Instructor: Stine Muhammad (RYT 200)

Following check-in, students will set their retreat in motion with Morning Hatha Yoga!  We’ll begin with centering and breathing, transitioning into gentle warm-ups, asana (poses) sequences, then cooling down to a brief, but relaxing Savasana. This specific morning yoga sequence is designed to gently warm-up and energize your body to prepare you for a day of yoga delights!

Lunch and Learning   Noon-12:45 p.m.

Presenters:  Yoga Retreat Staff

After enjoying a lite, nutritious lunch, the yoga retreat staff will each briefly share gems and advice from their own yoga journeys.

Restorative Yoga Session   12:45-1:30 p.m.

Instructor: Margaret Pierson

Enjoy this gentle yoga practice that uses bolsters, blankets and other props for supported, relaxed poses.

Closing: Yoga Nidra Meditation   1:30-2 p.m.

Instructor: Alisha Francis (RYT 200)

After a day of invigorating yoga, this brief Yoga Nidra meditation will help everything sink in.