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About The Lighthouse Project and CAV

lh imageThe Lighthouse is a symbol of permanence and stability. It has endurance enough to withstand the strongest storm. Its majestic presence observes and illuminates that which was once shrouded in darkness. Like the rays of light beaming from the windows of a lighthouse, there is a beacon of hope on the horizon. We can shine the light on sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. By bringing these issues out of the darkness we are taking a proactive approach on campus and in our community to produce a more nurturing environment for survivors and eliminate any stigma associated with reporting these acts of violence.

Goals of the The Lighthouse Project

  • Providing education, intervention, and victim advocacy services for student victims of sexual assault, relationship violence or stalking.
  • Increase awareness of the danger of sexual assault and other violence.
  • Deliver the message that sexual assault is not normal behavior and is not tolerated on our campus or in our community
  • Educate students about the process and the importance of reporting an assault.
  • Offer professional counseling services to aid in the healing processes of survivors
  • Develop team-oriented training for police officers, health care workers, and victim advocates to build an atmosphere of trust and understanding among those who deal with victims.

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Mission of the Northwest Coalition Against Violence:

  • The CAV is dedicated to promoting awareness and preventing violence of all kinds through education, empowerment, support, and advocacy.

Goals of the CAV:

1. Engage - The Coalition will engage the campus community by conducting programming to raise awareness.

2. Educate - The Coalition will strive to educate all campus community members about violence issues and the resources available to combat violence.

3. Empower - The Coalition will empower campus community members to make a stand against violence demonstrating that the Northwest campus will not tolerate violence of any kind.

Why do we need programs like these? 

  • Studies on Campus Violence by the American College Health Association found that approximately 15-20% of female college students report being the victim rape and approximately 5-15% of college men admit forcing intercourse on a partner (Carr, 2005).
  • In a survey of 620 Northwest students, 12 students reported being in a sexually abusive relationship and 36 reported being stalked. (NCHA survey, 2009) If the actual occurrences are as high as the American College Health Association study suggests, the statistics for sexual violence at Northwest could have been as high as 93-124 instances in 620 students. Projected onto the Northwest population, that's 1,050-1,400 instances of sexual violence in approximately 7,000 students.
  • However, fewer than 5 cases of sexual assault are reported per year in our 5 county area.
  • Sexual assault and other forms of violence are frequently unreported.