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Get Green Dot Certified!

At Northwest Missouri State, we’re committed to preventing violence. Green Dot is a violence prevention initiative focused on reducing power-based personal violence (like stalking, sexual assault, and dating violence) by intervening directly, getting someone to step in, or creating a distraction to diffuse the situation. 

A Green Dot is any behavior‚ choice‚ word‚ or attitude that sends the message that violence is not okay with you. By doing Green Dots, you help set the norm that violence is unacceptable and everyone is expected to do their part to keep our community safe. It isn't always easy to know how to intervene when you see a potential moment of violence.

Register for Green Dot Certification

Green Dot Certification helps you determine how to intervene in a way that works for you and for the situation.

Identify Green Dot Influencers!

Looking for a quick and easy way you can do a Green Dot?

Tell us which staff, faculty, and/or students you think are well-liked, valued, respected, or influential at Northwest. We will reach out to these influencers for things like how to incorporate violence prevention into a class syllabus or project, upcoming events or trainings, and custom presentation options for groups or classes. 

Identify Our Green Dot Influencers

When you help identify campus influencers, it helps us better integrate Green Dot into the Northwest community.

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