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What's Green Dot?

Campus Map

Red Dots

On our campus map, imagine a red dot represents an act of relationship and sexual violence. One red dot is a single moment in time where someone’s choices, actions, words or behaviors are used to harm someone else. Enough single red dots have added up to create a campus culture that allows unacceptable rates of violence. A red dot might be someone using alcohol as a weapon to sexually assault another person, humiliating or threatening a partner, or continuing to call an ex even after they have made it clear the relationship is over. 

Green Dots

Now imagine a Green Dot on the map of Northwest covering that red dot. This Green Dot is a single moment in time when someone uses their words, actions, or behaviors to interrupt a red dot from happening. If everyone did one single Green Dot, those small actions would add up on our campus map and result in a reduction in violence.

A Green Dot could be reactive (in response to a red dot) or proactive (without even seeing a red dot happen):

  • Asking if everything is okay when you see something concerning
  • Choosing to give someone a safe ride home
  • Letting the bartender know there might be something high-risk going on
  • Asking someone to check in on a situation that worries you
  • Telling someone to back off
  • Checking in with someone who is acting differently after beginning a new relationship
  • Posting a message about violence prevention on social media
  • Talking to a friend about how they can do a Green Dot