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Wellness Services offers a training called RESPOND; a program that is designed to assist the campus community in identifying students with mental health concerns.  This training is available for all faculty, staff and students at Northwest!  It is a 4 hour training and is held here on campus.  Click the links below to register.

Faculty & Staff Dates

Trainings available:

  • August 30th and 31st (must attend both sessions)
  • January 30th and 31st (must attend both sessions)

RESPOND faculty / staff Sign-Ups


Student Dates

Trainings available:

  • September 29th
  • October 18th
  • November 6th
  • February 9th
  • March 21st
  • April 2nd
RESPOND Student Sign-Ups

What is RESPOND?

RESPOND is a program MU developed after gathering feedback from several schools in Missouri. The program is designed to teach the campus community (students, faculty, and staff) how to recognize and respond to mental health concerns.

The course is organized around the acronym RESPOND


Content includes a brief overview of mental health problems on college campuses, discussion about stigma and culture, an overview of signs associated with mental health problems. We define mental health problems broadly. The remainder of the course is focused on how to effectively respond with basic listening and empathy, risk assessment at the lay level, support, referral, and taking care of self (including appropriate boundaries based on role or personal preference). We address issues such as how FERPA works when mental health concerns exist, HIPAA where appropriate, and very briefly Title IX and confidential sources. The course is designed to be interactive about 70% of the eight hour day.

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