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Health Insurance and Payment

Vivature Health (Formerly Highland Campus Health Group)

The Northwest Missouri State University Wellness Services can bill your health insurance provider for services provided at Wellness Services. Vivature Health is responsible for processing all of Wellness Service's insurance submissions. In order to process a claim according to your policy standards, it is possible Vivature will contact you directly and acquire necessary information pertaining to your visit. At no time will they send a bill or request payment from you. We appreciate your cooperation with their requests to expedite your claim in an efficient and timely manner.


Students have the option to purchase medications at Wellness Services at the time of their visit. Wellness Services does not bill insurance for medications. The cost of any medications can be applied to your student account or paid for at the time of service. Students may also receive a written prescription that they may take to the pharmacy of their choice.


All services conducted at the University Wellness Services are kept confidential. Your health record is a private matter between you and your healthcare provider. No medical information (including reason for your visit) can be released without your written permission. At each visit to Wellness Services, you will be asked to sign an Authorization to Release Information, which authorizes Wellness Services to release any information required in the course of your examination and/or treatment to your insurance company or their contracted entities.

Important Notes

Before you arrive to your appointment make sure you have your insurance card. We will need a copy for our records and to make sure your claim is processed properly.

All Northwest students are encouraged to have health insurance coverage. It is your responsibility to know your insurance coverage and how to access it. Please contact your health insurance provider if you have questions about your health insurance coverage of University Wellness Services services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still seek services if I have no health insurance?

Students' designated fees paid with tuition covers the costs of routine office visits, which include consultation, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations only. Students are responsible for the cost of services such as procedures (such as, but not limited to, toenail removal, stitches, or wart treatment), lab work (such as, but not limited to, pregnancy tests, urine tests, blood work or pap smear testing), and medications. Any charges associated with a visit to Wellness Services not covered by these fees (as described above) will be charged to a student's University account.

I have insurance but do not have my card with me. Can I still file with my insurance?

In order for Wellness Services to file your claim we will need to have a copy of your insurance card on file. We ask that you bring your card with you or provide it to us within 48 hours of your visit. This can be done by faxing us a copy (please fax both sides of your card to 660.562.1857) or by bringing your card to Wellness Services for us to make a copy.

I just received an EOB in the mail. What is this?

EOB stands for "Explanation of Benefits."

It is important to carefully read the EOB when you receive it. Your health insurer sends this document to you after you receive healthcare services. Remember, this is not a bill. Reviewing your EOB is a big step in preventing healthcare fraud and medical identity theft. If you find inaccuracies in this form, you should contact the medical provider and your health insurer's customer service.

What does it mean to be "In-Network?"

Being in-network means that we are contracted with your insurance company. We will file a claim to your insurance company on your behalf. If for whatever reason your insurance is not enforced or services are not covered, your student account will be billed.

What does it mean to be "Out-of-Network?"

Being out-of-network means that we are not contracted with your insurance company at this time, but we are working on getting a contract with them. Regardless of whether we are in or out-of-network, we will bill your insurance company on your behalf. Your insurance carrier may not cover services provided at Wellness Services, or may cover them at a reduced rate (for example, they may only pay 50% of the bill, rather than 80%). Again, talk to your insurance carrier before you arrive at Northwest so you know whether services will be covered by insurance.

What if my health insurance does not cover the services provided at Wellness Services?

Once we are denied payment from your insurance carrier (that is, you have not met your deductible, we are out-of-network, or the services delivered were not covered by your insurance company), we will bill your student account and you will be responsible for payment of all services not covered by your insurance.