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Are U Serious About Your Education?

Do You...

  • Enjoy math, science and/or computer classes?
  • Want a career that requires math, science or computer knowledge?
  • Get bored in your regular school classes because of the slow pace?
  • Thrive on challenge?
  • Want to learn about college life?
  • Want to learn how to manage your time?
  • Want to learn how to make decisions focused on your goals?
  • Want to like yourself better, develop leadership skills and gain confidence?
  • Want to meet new and interesting young adults from a large geographic area?
  • Want to make friends with people who will become the best friends of your life?
  • Want to have a wonderful, fun, exciting and enriching summer?
  • Want to open your mind to new opportunities and possibilities for your future?

If you answered "YES" then the Upward Bound Math & Science program is definitely for you!