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Additional Resources

Educational Resources


  • Organize, save, and share ideas and notes online
  • Can include notes, photos, and to-do lists

Forming Study Groups

  • Tips on how to form study groups for your courses
  • Information on what activities to include in study groups and how to efficiently and effectively lead them

Khan Academy

  • Offers practice exercises and instructional videos over a wide variety of subject areas
  • Some subject areas included are science, computer programming, history, art history, and economics


  • Online flashcards, study guides, quizzes
  • Includes pre-existing note cards on general topics

Semester Calendar

  • Printable calendar that shows the entire semester on one page
  • Easy way to see important dates for the term at a glance

Study Blue

  • Online flashcards, study guides, quizzes
  • Creates study resources for specific Northwest classes

Other Academic Assistance Resources

Academic Departments & Schools

Sometimes the academic departments have academic support resources specific to their area, so check out the various web pages for more details. View listing of academic departments and schools »

B. D. Owens Library

B. D. Owens offers customizable collaboration spaces, premium scholarly information resources, and personalized academic services to engage student academic exploration and personal enrichment. The friendly staff will be able to assist with research and help you get access to resources you need. Go to B.D. Owens Library website »

Math Lab

The math lab provides walk-in tutoring for a variety of mathematics course. View the schedule of days, times, and locations »

TRIO - Student Support Services

TRIO offers a comprehensive set of services for qualified students including: academic tutoring, cultural enrichment, financial assistance counseling, summer on-campus residential programs, admissions counseling, instructional assistance, and student mentoring. Student Support Services (SSS) is a  program dedicated to helping college student members of TRIO successfully complete their undergraduate education. See if you qualify for TRIO programs and to apply »