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Complete 30

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What is Complete 30?

Northwest’s Complete 30 initiative encourages students to complete 30 credit hours each academic year (fall, spring, summer). The Complete 30 initiative is designed for students and advisors to engage in conversation and develop an academic plan that promotes timely degree completion.

Why Complete 30 and not 15 to Finish?

Complete 30 is a variation of Complete College America’s 15 to Finish program in the fact that it promotes timely degree completion. Northwest’s Complete 30 initiative allows students to take a personalized approach to meeting the goal. For one student, this may mean 15 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters with no classes during the summer. For another student, it might mean 12 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters and 6 credit hours in the summer. Both meet the Complete 30 goal but do so in a manner that allows the student to develop an individualized plan. Of course, if students are able to successfully complete more than 30 hours in the academic year, that is strongly encouraged as well!

How can academic advisors help?

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor, discuss the Complete 30 initiative and develop an individualized academic plan that focuses on progress toward degree each semester. If a student is not likely to meet the Complete 30 goal or has fallen behind in academic progress, additional conversations between the student and academic advisor may be needed, as well as a revised academic plan for degree completion.

Graduate on time

Graduate on time

With Complete 30, a student completes 30 credit hours each academic year and is more likely to be on track to graduate. It's simple math: 24 credits per year = five years for a typical bachelor's degree; 30 credits per year = higher likelihood to complete degree requirements in four years.

Complete 30 saves money

Complete 30 saves money

Successful completion of 30 credit hours each academic year means students accrue less debt from tuition, fees, food, housing and more.

Complete 30 = quicker to career

Complete 30 = quicker to career

Those who complete a bachelor’s degree earn a higher income, on average. The average entry-level income with a bachelor’s degree in the state of Missouri is $45,728.

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