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Student Fee Designations


Designated Fees - Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 / Summer 2024


Student Programming

Helps provide access to Northwest and cover operating costs for various services and enrichment opportunities including:
  • 97% of first-time, full-time students receiving student aid
  • Student employment program offering 900+ positions affording support for students to stay in school while providing PBL experiences
  • Campus climate initiatives to ensure our students are learning in a diverse and wordly environment better preparing all students for future success
  • Student activities council programming, leadership development programming, and office of student involvement activities
  • Co-curricular programming to support Student Senate operations and support for student organizations as well as leader development
  • Safe rides programming providing transportation within Maryville through both on demand and shuttle services

Facility Improvements, Debt & Sustainability

Helps cover debt service assessments mandated by the University's bond agreements and allows for facility repairs as well as support the University's recycling program.
  • Bonds have funded construction and renovations for the Student Union and Station which are hubs for student life on campus
  • Funds also provide for much needed facility repairs and upgrades including roofs, window replacements, heating/boiler repairs, etc
  • Recycling program promotes good stewardship of the environment through recycling of plastics, glass, aluminum, paper and cardboard

Campus Master Plan

Helps leverage various sources of funding to address campus needs and dramatically change the campus.
  • Supports both short-term and long-term upgrades and investments including infrastructure improvements such as underground tunnels and pipes and residence hall upgrades
  • Combined with state, city, county, donor and institutional funding, this investment generates game-changing and lifetime-lasting changes helping ensure Northwest's

Academic Classrooms & Equipment

Helps cover debt service assessments mandated by the University's bond agreements and allows for classroom furniture and equipment replacements and upgrades.
  • Bonds have funded construction of the Black Box Theatre Studio in the Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts as well as Valk Center renovations
  • Funds also provide for much needed classroom furniture upgrades as well as classroom and lab equipment for improved learning environments

Campus Recreation

Helps enhance the educational experience and promote lifelong wellness. Access to recreation and fitness lowers stress, improves mental resiliency, promotes wellness, improves morale, and improves retention and graduation for students.
  • Includes intramural, club sports and MOERA offerings
  • Includes state-of-the art facilities such as the Foster Fitness Center, Recreation Center and Carl & Cheryl Hughes Fieldhouse

Health & Wellness

Helps provide primary funding for Wellness Center services including:
  • Clinic, counseling and prevention services to students
  • Focuses on prevention and support for mental illness
  • Allows for proactive measures to stop incidents, help students find assistance and save lives