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Documentation Review Process

After the initial meeting with an OEA staff member:

  1. Your request for accommodations and documentation will be reviewed. More relevant or current documentation may be requested. The sooner you begin the process, including appropriate documentation, the sooner the services can be provided.
  2. You will be contacted by an OEA member.
    After the review has been completed, you will be contacted by an OEA member who will serve as your primary contact for services during your time at Northwest. If approved, your OEA contact will give you an accommodation letter outlining your accommodations that you will present to faculty and staff. This letter is recognized campus-wide as verification that you are a qualified student with a disability.
  3. You keep your accommodation letter.
    It is your responsibility to keep the accommodation letter, make copies of it and distribute it to your class instructors and other University personnel as needed each semester. (The letter contains no confidential information about your disability).
  4. You practice independent learning.
    The OEA process is designed to foster an independent learning experience to assist in preparing you for the future. It is your responsibility to attend all classes, lab sessions, individual tutoring and mentoring sessions that enhance your potential for academic success. Tips for self-advocacy can be found in the Transition Guidebook (click on Missouri College Guidebook: Transition for Students with Disabilities) and
  5. You may have your accommodations reevaluated.
    A reevaluation may be initiated by contacting any OEA Committee member. In circumstances where students and the OEA Committee are unable to reach agreement on accommodations, appeals should be directed to the Faculty Senate Access and Accommodations Committee by contacting the ADA/504 Compliance Coordinator.