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Requesting Accommodations

The following contains the steps necessary to make a formal request for accommodation(s) to the Office of Equity & Accessibility (OEA).

  1. The student must complete and email the completed form for accommodations to ada@nwmissouri.eduSubmit supporting documentation to the OEA ( For more information please see our documentation guidelines in the section Acceptable Disability Documentation.
  2. You will receive, within 2 – 4 business days, a receipt confirmation notification from the OEA via your University email. If you have not received a confirmation email within this time frame please reach out to the OEA for additional information.
  3. After the OEA has received your completed request form and documentation you will be contacted by one of the staff within 5 – 10 business days to discuss next steps. If you have not been contacted by a staff member within this timeframe please reach out to the OEA for additional information.

Important information regarding emotional support animals (ESA)

Students with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) but first contact the Center for Accessibility and Accommodations BEFORE bringing their ESA to campus. Students wishing to bring their ESA must provide adequate documentation from a HEALTH PROFESSIONAL stating the need for an ESA and after approval, will then need to provide documentation from their veterinarian with proof of de-fleaing of the animal, all necessary vaccinations. After all documentation has been reviewed, Students must then go to Residential Life, sign all contract information and provide proof of Roommate agreements. All DOGS living on campus must have proof of purchase of a Maryville City Dog Tag. Tags for Dogs who have been spayed or neutered cost $5. Dogs who have NOT been spayed or neutered cost $25.

Please do NOT bring ESAs to campus prior to having these approval steps in place.