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Student Research

Thesis in Progress | Thesis Completed

Thesis in Progress

  • David Griffith.  Using GIS to Assess the Spatial Data Quality of Mapped Underground Utilities, A Case Study: Leavenworth, Kansas.  Advisor:  Dr. Patricia Drews.
  • Tara Kempen.  Determining New Station Locations for the MetroLink in the St. Louis Area.  Advisor: Dr. Ming-Chih Hung.
  • Mark Corbalis.  A Method for Estimating the Value of Farmland Development Easements in New Jersey.  Advisor:  Dr. Patricia Drews.
  • Tod Chee.  ArcGIS Data Model for Disease Monitoring of Captive Animal Populations.  Advisor:  Dr. Ming-Chih Hung.
  • William Zopff III.  A Change Detection Study of the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers: A Geospatial Survey of the Effects of Human Development and Ashe Juniper on the Aquifer Recharge Zones.  Advisor: Dr. Ming-Chih Hung.

Thesis Completed

Full-text on-line theses are available from Northwest's Library web pages.