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Graduate Certificate Program in Geographic Information Science

Students taking a selected subset of courses for the online Master's degree may earn a graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science. This option is appropriate for students seeking advanced coursework but who do not wish to pursue a Master's degree.  Students take four required courses (12 credit hours) and choose one elective (3 credit hours). By taking one course in five of the six terms in a year, students may earn the graduate certificate in one year. 

Required Core Courses

32-602 Principles of GIS 3
32-604 Applications of Remotely Sensed Data 3
32-606 Cartographic Design and Visualization 3
32-650 GIS Database Design 3
Total Core Hours Required 12

Electives (Choose 3 hours)

32-608 Fundamentals of GeoStatistics 3
32-620 GIS and Spatial Analytics 3
32-630 Raster-based GIS and Modeling 3
32-641 Geoprocessing with Python 3
32-642 Internet GIS 3
32-660 Trends and Applications in GIScience 3
32-663 Digital Image Processing 3
Total Elective Hours Required 3
Total Certificate Hours Required 15