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2009 Poster Competition

1st Place Professional Poster by Benjamin Helder & Geoffrey Henebry.2nd Place Professional Poster by Chau Nguyen.3rd Place Professional Poster by Diane Oerly.1st Place Student Poster by Brad Stricherz & Mark Cochrane.2nd Place Student Poster by Brett Johnson.

Professional Group First Place

Benjamin Helder and Geoffrey Henebry
South Dakota State University

"Assessing Changes at the Grassland Destabilization Experiment (GDEX) in the Nebraska Sandhills from 2006 to 2009 Using Imaging Spectroscopy"

Professional Group Second Place

Chau Nguyen
Northwest Missouri State University

"FishTracker: Flex Web Application using the Google Maps API"

Professional Group Third Place

Diane Oerly
University of Missouri-Columbia

"Using Light Humans Cannot See"

Student Group First Place

Brad Stricherz and Mark Cochrane
South Dakota State University

"Assessing Catastrophic Wildfire Risk in California"

Student Group Second Place

Brett Johnson
Northwest Missouri State University

"Gridiron Glory: Geography of NCAA Division II Football Players"