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2006 Poster Competition

The first place poster.The second place poster.The third place poster.An honorable mention poster.An honorable mention poster.An honorable mention poster.Megan Griffin and her first place poster.Diana Pope and her second place poster.Bryan Hedges and his third place poster.Dina Roze and her honorable mention poster.Dennis VanAusdal II and his honorable mention poster.Caleb Hopkins and his honorable mention poster.

First Place

Megan Griffin
"Meteorology: How Does It Affect You?"

Second Place

Diana Pope
"GIS/Remote Sensing Applications in Geology"

Third Place

Bryan Hedges
"African Children"

Honorable Mention

Dennis VanAusdal II
"GIS and Urban Development"

Dina Roze
"The World of Geography"

Caleb Hopkins
"Geography of Western Europe"