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Sustainability Strategies: Paper

  • (Offices & Residential) Opt to receive magazine and newspaper subscriptions online.
    • This allows you to use your PC or laptop to view periodicals rather than have a hard copy. If you keep issues for a while before tossing, this can also work for you. Most of the digital formats are stored on your computer for viewing later as well or for viewing on your bus or train commute. Though there are several formats, they all work the same way: you download the magazine and then view it or save it for later viewing. Many of the magazines look and "flip" to the next page like a regular magazine and some allow you to make notes on the articles you like.
    • If you really miss the feel of paper, many allow you to print an article for sharing.
      Interested? Here are some sites that offer digital formats:, Check with your favorite magazine publisher to see this better way to stop the paper flow."
    • Student Affairs publications available in electronic format:
      • ACUHO-I Talking Stick
      • The Chronicle of Higher Education weekly newspaper
  • (Offices & Residential) Check printers, fax machines, and photocopiers in your area to make sure your department is using 30% post-consumer content recycled paper.
  • (Offices & Residential) Check your default settings on printers and photocopiers:
    • Settings should default to "Auto duplex" (double-sided) mode.
    • Printers should default to print in "draft" quality and photocopiers default to print slightly lighter than normal (+1).
    • To change default settings for most inkjet printers, click on the printer icon in your system tray.

      Printer Icon
      • Print quality will be found under the "Set-up" tab. Click the "Draft" radio button (see figure below).

        Printer Properties
      • Double sided printing will be found under the "Features" tab. Check the "Two-Sided Printing" box and choose "Long-Side" (see figure below).

        Printer Properties 2
      • Once you adjust these settings, you will be notified that changing these settings will apply every time you print. Choose "Ok" (see figure below).

        Printer Properties 3
  • (Office) Make sure you are buying recycled toner cartridges. This may or may not be possible depending on whether the MDC will work with us on this. Though it may seem small, this action has a big environmental impact. There is no difference in performance between regular and recycled toner cartridges.