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Sustainability Strategies: Heating and Cooling

  • (Office & Residential) If you are not in control of your room's heating, ventilation, and cooling and it's an uncomfortable temperature, call Facility Services at x1183.
  • (Offices & Residential) If you have control over your office or room temperature, make sure you use "setbacks" at night and consider setting the temperature a degree or two higher in summer and lower in winter.
  • (Offices & Residential) Use a portable fan when you are warm instead of an air-conditioner on cooler days.
  • (Offices & Residential) Turn off your air conditioner or turn the unit's fan speed on low when you are leaving the room for extended periods of time such as class, evenings, and weekends.
  • (Offices & Residential) Don't use space heaters to warm up offices and rooms when it is too cold during the summer; try to work with the building manager to get your office cooled properly first.
  • (Offices & Residential) Shades and blinds: In winter, open shades and blinds during daylight hours to help warm rooms. In summer, close ones exposed to direct sunlight to prevent the room from heating.
  • (Office & Residential) If it is cold in your room or office, put on more layers before turning the heat up.