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Sustainability Strategies: Education

  • (Offices & Residential) Sustainability Week
    • Many campuses nationwide celebrate Sustainability Week during the month of October. Begin planning for next year's event!
      • Have your RA staffs complete their interaction journal by spreading the word about sustainability.
      • Have your RA staff provide Room Sustainability Audits to each resident and assist them to develop a plan to improve sustainability within their own room to become "Green Crib Certified."
      • Do a "Turn Out the Lights" week
        • Who says things aren't more fun in the dark? Lights account for a significant portion of Northwest's energy usage. Recently, Northwest has been replacing lights and fixtures with more energy efficient equipment. Now it's your turn to take a fun opportunity to reduce the juice! Take a week long pledge to turn off the lights in your room for just one short week.
        • Ways to get around turning your lights on: Use natural lighting, open a door and use the light from the hallway, go to study where lights are already on, go to the bathroom to get ready, go to study and computer labs, and I bet you will think of many more!
  • (Offices) Eco-friendly email signatures… Add the following to your email signature line:

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

  • (Offices & Residential) Advertising campaign.
    • Place signage above all recycling containers detailing what can and cannot be recycled in this location.
    • Place "Reduce Your Paw Print… RECYCLE!" signs on trash cans.
    • Bathroom toilet stalls make for great locations for some reading about sustainability.
    • Do a bulletin board.
    • Utilize existing newsletters to publish sustainability tips as they relate to the subject matter of the newsletter. For example, the PERT "Technically Speaking" newsletter could feature a blurb about locations to recycle used electronics.