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Northwest Missouri State University

Vendor Form

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Class List

Check the Classes that apply to your business

Class - Commodity

A005 Abrasives
A010 Acoustical Tile, Insulating Materials & Supplies
A015 Addressing, Copying, Mimeograph & Spirit Duplicating Machine Supplies: Chemicals, Inks, Paper, Etc.
A020 Agricultural Equipment, Implements & Accessories
A022 Agriculture Implement & Accessory Parts
A025 Air Compressors & Accessories
A031 Air Conditioning, Heating & Ventilation: Equipment, Parts & Accessories
A035 Aircraft & Airport Equipment, Parts & Supplies
A040 Animals, Live: Bees Dogs, Fish, Livestock, and Poultry
A045 Appliances & Equipment, Food Service
A045 Appliance & Equipment Laundry/Custodial
A050 Art Equipment & Supplies, Picture Frames
A052 Art Objects
A055 Automotive Accessories for Automobiles, Buses, Trucks, etc.
A060 Automotive Maintenance Items & Repair/Replacement Parts
A065 Automotive Bodies, Accessories & Parts
A070 Automotive Vehicles & Related Transportation Equipment
A075 Automotive Shop Equipment & Supplies
A905 Aircraft Operation Services
B080 Badges, Emblems, Name Tags & Plates, Jewelry, etc.
B085 Bags, Bagging, Ties, & Erosion Control Equip.
B090 Bakery Equipment, Commercial
B095 Barber & Beauty Shop Equipment & Supplies
B100 Barrels, Drums, Kegs & Containers
B105 Bearings (except wheel bearings & seals see class 060)
B110 Belts & Belting: Conveyor, Elevator, Power Transmissions & V-Belts
B115 Biochemical, Research
B120 Boats, Motors, & Marine & Wildlife Supplies
B125 Bookbinding Supplies
B135 Bricks & Other Clay Products, Refractory Materials & Stone Products
B140 Broom, Brush, & Mop Manufacturing Machinery & Supplies
B145 Brushes (not otherwise classified)
B150 Builder's Supplies
B155 Buildings & Structures: Fabricated & Prefabricated
B160 Butcher Shop & Meat Processing Equipment
B908 Bookbinding, Rebinding & Repairing
B910 Building Maintenance & Repair Services, Pest Control, Elevators Cartering & Asbestos
B910 Building Maintenance & Repair Services, Plumbing
C165 Cafeteria & Kitchen Equipment, Commercial
C175 Chemical Laboratory Equipment & Supplies
C180 Chemical Raw Materials
C190 Chemicals & Solvents, Commercial (in bulk)
C192 Cleaning Compositions, Detergents, Solvents & Strippers Prepackaged
C193 Clinical Laboratory Reagents & Tests (Blood Grouping, Diagnostic, Drug, Monitoring, Etc.
C195 Clocks, Timers, Watches, & Jewelers & Watchmakers Tools & Equipment
C200 Clothing, Apparel, Uniforms (Athletic) & Accessories & Shoes & Boots
C200 Clothing, Apparel, Uniforms (Band) & Accessories & Shoes & Boots
C200 Clothing, Apparel, Uniforms (NW, Safety) & Accessories & Shoes, Boots
C205 Computers & Info. Processing Systems: Hardware, Software, Peripherals & Accessories
C210 Concrete & Metal Culverts, Pilings, Pipe, Septic Tanks Accessories & Supplies
C220 Controlling, Indicating, Measuring, Monitoring & Recording Instruments & Supplies
C225 Coolers, Drinking Water
C232 Crafts, General
C233 Crafts, Specialized
C240 Cutlery, Dishes, Flatware, Glassware, Trays Utensils & Supplies
C915 Communications and Media Related Services, Advertising
C915 Communications - Mailing Services - Film Processing
C968 Public Works, Construction & Related Services
C969 Construction Plumbing
C970 Construction Carpentry Services, Painting, Roofing Services
D245 Dairy Equipment & Supplies
D250 Data Processing Cards & Paper, Mark Sense Grading Cards
D255 Decals & Stamps (logo)
D265 Draperies, Curtains & Upholstery Material (including automotive)
D270 Drugs, Pharmaceuticals & Biological (for human therapeutic use)
D271 Drugs, Pharmaceuticals & Sets (for large-volume parenteral administration, infusion, irrigation & tube feeding)
D920 Data Processing Services & Software
E280 Electrical Cables & Wire Telecommunications
E285 Electrical Equipment & Supplies
E287 Electronic Components, Replacement Parts & Accessories & Miscellaneous Electronic Equipment (not for testing or analyzing)
E290 Energy Collecting Equipment & Accessories
E295 Elevators, Building Type
E300 Embossing & Engraving (paper)
E305 Engineering Equipment, Surveying Equipment, Drawing Instruments and Supplies
E310 Envelopes, Printed
E310 Envelopes, Plain
E315 Epoxy Based Formulations & Adhesives, Coatings & Related Agents
E924 Educational Services
E929 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services -
Agricultural, Automotive, Heavy Industrial Equipment & Marine Equipment
E931 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services Athletics
E931 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Musical
E931 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Furniture Sewing
E931 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Musical Instruments
E931 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Cafeteria
E934 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Laundry
E934 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Lawn Plumbing & Spraying Equipment
E936 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Cathodic Protection, Boiler, Radio
E936 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services, Poultry
E936 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Hand Tools Glass, Draperies
E936 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Refrigeration
E938 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Reupholstery
E938 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Biology
E939 Equipment, Microscope Repair, Hospital Laboratory and Testing Equip Equipment Maintenance, Photographic
E939 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Radio/TV
E939 Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services - Office & Television Equipment Satellite Maintenance
E940 Equipment Maintenance, Recondition & Repair Services - Photographic
F318 Fare Collection Equipment & Supplies
F320 Fastening, Packaging, Strapping, Tying Equip & Supplies
F325 Feed, Bedding, Vitamins & Supplements for Animals
F330 Fencing
F335 Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners
F340 Fire Protection Equipment & Supplies
F345 First Aid & Safety Equipment & Supplies
F350 Flags, Flag Poles, Banners & Accessories
F360 Floor covering, Floor Covering Installation & Removal Equipment & Supplies
F365 Floor Maintenance Machines, Parts & Accessories
F370 Food Processing & Canning Equipment & Supplies
F375 Foods: Bakery
F380 Foods: Dairy
F385 Foods: Freeze Drink
F390 Foods: Perishable
F393 Foods: Staple Grocery & Grocer's Miscellaneous Items
F395 Forms, Continuous: Computer Paper, Form Labels, Snap-Out Forms
F400 Foundry Castings, Equipment & Supplies
F405 Fuel, Oil, Grease & Lubricants
F410 Furniture: Health Care & Hospital Facility
F415 Furniture: Laboratory
F420 Furniture: Chapel, Dormitory, Household, Library, Lounge School
F420 Furniture: Cafeteria
F425 Furniture: Office
F946 Financial Services, External Audit
G430 Gases, Containers, Equipment: Laboratory, Medical & Welding
G435 Germicides, Cleaners & Related Sanitation Products for Health Care
G440 Glass & Glazing Supplies
H445 Hand Tools: Hazardous Material Equip, Tools & Supplies
H445 Hand Tools (powered & non-powered), Accessories & Supplies
H450 Hardware, Keys
H460 Hose, Accessories & Supplies: Industrial, Commercial & Garden
H465 Hospital & Surgical Equipment, Instruments & Supplies
H470 Hospital Equipment & Supplies: Mobility, Speech Impaired & Restraint
H475 Hospital, Surgical & Related Medical Accessories & Sundry Items
H948 Health Related Services (not including human services)
H952 Human Services
I953 Insurance
J485 Janitorial Supplies, General Line
L490 Laboratory Equipment & Accessories (for general analytical & research)
L493 Laboratory Equipment & Accessories : Biochemistry, Chemistry
L495 Laboratory & Field Equip & Supplies: Biology, Botany, Geology
L500 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equip, Accessories, Parts & Supplies
L505 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Compounds & Supplies
L510 Laundry Textiles & Supplies
L515 Lawn Maintenance Equipment, Accessories & Parts (non agricultural)
L520 Leather & Related Equipment, Products Accessories & Supplies
L525 Library & Archival Equipment, Machines & Supplies, Bar-code
L530 Luggage, Brief Cases, Purses & Related Items
L540 Lumber & Related Products
L954 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services
L956 Library Services (excluding class 908 Bookbinding) rebinding & Repairing
M545 Machinery & Hardware - Vacuum Hazardous Waste
M545 Machinery & Hardware - Industrial
M550 Markers, Plaques, Signs & Traffic Control Devices
M555 Marking & Stenciling Devices
M556 Mass Transportation - Transit Bus
M557 Mass Transportation - Transit Bus Accessories & Parts
M558 Mass Transportation - Rail Vehicles
M559 Mass Transportation - Rail Parts & Accessories
M560 Material Handling & Storage Equipment & Allied Items
M565 Mattress Manufacturing Machinery & Supplies
M570 Metals: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Structural, Tubing & Fabricated
M575 Microfiche & Microfilm Equipment, Accessories & Supplies
M578 Miscellaneous Products
M580 Musical Instruments, Sheet Music, Accessories & Supplies
M961 Vending Machine, Amusement, and Misc. Professional Services
M962 Infectious Waste Removal
N590 Notions & Related Sewing Accessories & Supplies
N595 Nursery Stock, Equipment & Supplies
O600 Office Machines: Copy & Postage Equipment & Supplies
O600 Office Machines Equipment & Accessories
O605 Office Mechanical Aids, Small Engines & Apparatuses
O610 Office Supplies: Carbon Paper & Typewriter & Printer Ribbons
O615 Office Supplies: General
O620 Office Supplies: Erasers, Inks, Leads, Pens, Pencils, etc.
O625 Optical Equipment, Accessories & Supplies
O630 Paint, Protective Coatings, Varnish, Wallpaper, & Related Products
P635 Painting Equipment & Accessories
P640 Paper & Plastic Products, Boxes, Containers
P640 Paper & Plastic Products, Food Related, Custodial
P645 Paper (for office)
P650 Park, Playground, & Swimming Pool Equipment
P655 Photographic Equip & Supplies, (not including graphic arts)
P660 Pipes, Tobaccos, & Alcoholic Beverages Accessories
P665 Plastics, Laminating
P665 Plastics, Polyliner
P665 Plastics, Resing, Fiberglass: Forming, Molding Equip, Accessories & Shrink Film
P670 Plumbing Equipment, Fixture & Supplies
P675 Poisons: Agricultural & Industrial
P680 Police Equipment & Supplies
P685 Poultry Equipment & Supplies
P700 Printing Plant Equipment & Supplies (except papers)
P705 Printing Preparations: Etching, Photoengraving, Typesetting & Preparing Mats, Negatives & Plates
P710 Prosthetic Devices, Hearing Aids, Auditory Testing Equipment, Electronic Reading Devices, Etc.
P715 Publications & Audiovisual Materials (prepared materials only, not equipment, supplies, or production), Books, Magazines
P720 Pumping Equipment & Accessories
P964 Personnel, Temporary (Employment Agency Services)
P966 Printing, Publishing, Silk Screening Production & Typesetting, Diploma, Bar-code Labels
P985 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Janitorial
R730 Radio Communication & Telecommunication Testing, Measuring & Analyzing Equip., Accessories & Supplies
R735 Rags, Shop Towels, & Wiping Cloths
R740 Refrigeration Equipment & Accessories - Vending
R740 Refrigeration Equipment & Accessories - Ice Making, Refrigeration
R745 Road & Highway Building Materials (Asphalt)
R750 Road & Highway Building Materials (Not Asphalt)
R755 Road & Highway Equipment & Parts: Asphalt & Concrete Handling & Processing
R760 Road & Highway Equipment: Earth Handling, Grading, Moving, Packing, Etc.
R765 Road & Highway Equipment (Except Asphalt, Concrete, & Earth Handling Equipment in Classes 755 & 760)
R770 Roofing (Except Wood - See Class 540)
R975 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Agricultural, Automotive Heavy Equipment, Marine Equipment, School Bus Transportation
R976 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Aircraft Equipment
R977 Rental or Lease Services - Cafeteria, Film
R977 Rental or Lease Services - Musical, Sewing
R977 Rental or Lease Services - Furniture, Windows
R977 Rental or Lease Services - Cafeteria, Refrigeration
R978 Rental or Lease Services or Equipment - Musical Equipment
R979 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Refrigeration
R979 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Engineering & Testing Equip
R979 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Biology, Refrigeration, Hospital, Laboratory Scales
R983 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Laundry
R983 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Lawn & Spraying Equipment
R983 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Textile, Painting
R985 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Radio & Telephone Equip
R985 Rental & Lease Services of Equipment - Copy Machine
R985 Rental & Lease Services of Equipment - Photographic
R985 Rental or Lease Services of Equipment - Office, Television
R988 Roadside, Grounds & Park Area Services
R998 Sale of Surplus
S775 Salt, Ice Melt
S780 Scales & Weighing Apparatus (see 175-08 for Laboratory Balances)
S785 School Equipment & Supplies
S790 Seed, Sod, Soil & Inoculants
S795 Sewing Room & Textile Machinery & Accessories
S800 Shoes, Boots
S803 Sound Systems, Components & Accessories: Group Intercom, Music, Public Address, Etc.
S805 Sporting & Athletic Goods, Trophies
S810 Spraying Equipment (Except Household, Nursery, Plant & Paint)
S815 Steam & Hot Water Fittings, Accessories & Supplies
S820 Steam Boilers, Steam Heating, & Power Plant Equipment
S825 Stockman Equipment & Supplies
S990 Security, Fire, Safety & Emergency Services
T830 Tanks (metal, Wood & Synthetic Materials): Mobile, Portable & Stationary
T832 Tape (Not Data Processing, Measuring, Optical, Sewing, Sound, or Video)
T840 Television Equipment & Accessories
T845 Testing Apparatus & instruments (Not for Electrical or Electronic Measurements)
T850 Textiles, Fibers, Household Linens & Piece Goods
T855 Theatrical Equipment & Supplies
T860 Tickets, Coupon Books, Sales Books, Script Books, Etc.
T863 Tires, Tubes
T864 Train Controls, Electronic
T865 Twine
V870 Venetian Blinds, Awnings & Shades
V875 Veterinary Equipment & Supplies
V880 Visual Education Equipment & Supplies (Except Projection Lamps)
W885 Water Treating Chemicals
W890 Water Supply & Sewage Treatment Equipment (Not for Air Conditioning, Steam Boiler, or Laboratory Reagent Water)
W895 Welding Equipment & Supplies
X898 X-Ray & Other Radiological Equipment & Supplies (Medical)