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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered "Capital"?

Capital is the purchase of assets such as equipment, furniture, software and hardware as well as the construction and renovation of facilities. A Capital Expenditure Request form (CER) is required for all capital purchases of $5000 and over.  Note - All software system purchases regardless the price require a CER.  CER's are issued and tracked by the Capital and Energy Program Coordinator.

What is a Project Request Form (PRF)?

A form submitted by the user to outline their project request. 
Click here to see form - Project Request Form

When do I fill out a PRF?

Between July and November for the upcoming fiscal year (fall thru summer).
The deadline is November 21, 2014 for FY16 requests.

Can I fill out a PRF after the November cutoff?

Yes but it will be considered for the following fiscal year. (Ex: PRF's received in December 2014 would be considered for FY17)

Where can I find a PRF?

Forms can be found under Important Links on the right hand side of the Facility Services Capital Program Management home webpage.  

Who do I contact if my project did not make the final capital list?

Contract your NLT member.

If my project request did not make the final approved capital list do I need to fill out a new request for the next fiscal year?

Yes. We do not want to assume your request will remain the same a year later. After the Board approves the final list we will send a copy of the unapproved PRF's back to the original requestors. Attached will be instructions on how to resubmit your request for the following fiscal year.