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Schools in Action


  • Assembly once per month
  • Raised donations for Haiti Relief

Horace Mann

  • PACE word of the month
  • Assembly once per month
  • Bearcat Paws are awarded (use Boys Town Social Skills) along with a traveling trophy
  • Posters are in classrooms
  • Books are available for students to use during free time (included in the books are the traits, journal/reflection activities, word searches, puzzles,…)

Jefferson C-123

  • HS student council bought all students a t-shirt/PTO is purchasing them for the elementary
  • Signs are in rooms at school, in hallways, in businesses, on school computers (background and/or screensaver) and on school marquee
  • Play "Respect" (Aretha Franklin) on the intercom for students to enter/go to class on Friday morning (KQTV 2)
  • Hal Urban signs are posted around the rooms along with the traits.
  • COC/PACE Team has a student very involved on their team meetings. They plan to have another student apprentice to take over next year.
  • The character trait of the month is noted on the Jefferson Elementary Friday Newsletter.
  • When Jefferson Elementary announces which class receives the Eagle Pride trophy for the week, the month's character trait is mentioned in many of the nominations.


  • Students make character trait posters and hang them on the wall at the entrance of the school
  • Principal announces the character trait in the morning and gives them ways in which the students could show respect
  • Students prepare skits to represent the character trait
  • Discussed self-control in relation to Halloween
  • 4th graders served lunch at the Humane Society luncheon for citizenship month
  • Filling shoeboxes with "soldier's needs" and sending them to local military personnel
  • Screensavers " Honesty Happens" & "What have you done to show compassion today"
  • Character Recognition committee formed by Student Council - monthly recipients of Character Awards go out to lunch with principal at a restaurant in Maryville and a free ala carte item from our school lunch provider
  • Multiple bulletin boards representing current character traits
  • Character poems in Language Arts class - using character trait of the month
  • Character posters in Advisory classes with discussion of what the trait means to me
  • Writing projects based around character quotes
  • Counseling sessions focused around the character trait of the month
  • Multiple community service-learning projects by 8th grade Advisory classes.
  • Citizenship Examples: Working at Pioneer Cemetery, Nursing home visits, Cleaned up "Welcome to Maryville" sign on edge of town, Read to younger students at St. Gregory's, Wrote letters to Service Men and Women,
  • Toys for Tots & Koats for Kids drive
  • Power of 11 cents - raised over $100 for military families in Missouri 11 cents at a time
  • MMS Kindness/Compassion challenge - students have been challenged by the principal to commit 5000 acts of kindness prior to the holiday break. 5000 acts in 14 school days!
  • Student council students volunteer at the Senior Center (serving meals) and Meals on Wheels (delivering meals)

Nodaway Holt

  • Sponsored the Rachel's Challenge program at their school
  • Distributed Character Education notebooks for staff (with available resources)
  • Professionally printing packets and posters for partners (with hand delivery/face-to-face)
  • Administrative staff have business cards with PACE logo instead of school mascot
  • Having discussions and making posters of "this is what the trait looks like &/or sounds like"

North Andrew

  • Posts the word of the month on their school marquee
  • Announces the word of the month at the school football game
  • Posts the word of the month in their school newsletter and web page

Northeast Nodaway

  • Posts the word of the month on their school marquee, as the school computers background and on the web page
  • Held a Character Assembly where a Marine and Maryville Police officer came to speak about the character trait Respect
  • The first Monday of each week is DEAR-Drop, Everything, and, read but on the first Monday of each month we drop everything and write. The writing prompt is given to the students and they spend their 25 minute advisement period writing to the character prompt. We are getting some wonderful, thought provoking writing. The teachers submit a Class of the Week form once a week and a class is chosen based on character traits they exhibit. The class members get to go first in the lunch line for the week.
  • Service-Learning Grant: Haitian Project - raised money and donated items for our cook to take over in December to orphans.
  • Change for Cancer - HS students that are cancer survivors raised money and collected stuffed animals for Camp Quality.
  • Bio Science class established HOPE Foundation from recycling monies so classes or teachers could do more service-learning projects working with Dr. Bush with backing from Wal-Mart.
  • FBLA offered free computer classes for local community members during the winter and spring.

Rock Port

Rock Port

The first graders of Rock Port Elementary smile with good character around the "Tree of Giving". The character traits are found on the tree.

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  • Divided businesses between classes and each class will work with that business to promote the trait and the class will invite the business to eat lunch with them. Businesses will partner with classes, eat a meal with the class, and view a PP about PACE
  • Local phone company (coop) added traits to billing statement and posted the trait in their business
  • Character bulletin board in Blue Jay Hall with Female athlete, male athlete, Student and a Fan are recognized who show each trait during the month
  • ABC students (monthly award) A=academics, B=behavior, C=character trait
  • School web page and town web page boost the trait
  • Holds Character Education luncheons
  • Character word and definition on all sports programs
  • Handed out brochures on Meet Your Teacher night
  • Put article in Atchison County Mail with a list of words
  • Delivered Character t-shirts as a Valentine's day gift. The shirts were wrapped up with a jump rope and a cute card.
  • The elementary school had a send off assembly for Mrs. Baldwin before the Distinguished Principal's Banquet that involved all the Character words. Each class had a word that they worked with. They had songs, poems, posters, power points, skits, etc. KQ2 came up for the event and we were on the 6:00 news that evening.

South Nodaway

  • Character word Students participated in the city parade. They dressed up as cowboys and carried a sign that read "Cowpokes with Character." They also handed out the PACE brochures to people along the parade route.
  • South Nodaway is using a Renaissance theme for their Homecoming this year. They have entitled it "The Court of Characters" and will be carrying shields and poles with the character traits displayed.
  • On homecoming day, the entire elementary will be wearing the PACE t-shirts for the pep rally, parade, and game.
  • Signs and posters in hallways and in classrooms promoting character trait
  • PA announcements at sporting events about the PACE initiative and the character trait of the month
  • Word of the month posted on our website.
  • Handing out PACE brochures at sporting events and in our main offices.
  • Character word and a quote in the announcements each day.
  • Teacher and guidance lesson plans that support the word of the month.
  • Character education professional development.
  • Monday morning conversations at the elementary revolving around the character trait of the month.
  • Character Ed t-shirts for all staff and elementary students…….50 extra for HS students who show good character throughout the year.
  • Homecoming pep rally and parade that revolved around 12 character traits…..elementary students and principal performed for the HS students and staff during pep rally and marched in parade to promote good character and lead us to victory.
  • National Honor Society performed skits incorporating the character traits for Red Ribbon Week for our Elementary students.
  • Sixth grade is beginning to recruit local businesses to join the Regional Culture of Character.



Students walking in the parade with letters spelling Self-Control and one with the pace logo.

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  • Distributed character information to area businesses/community
  • Word of the month posted all over the buildings
  • Section in the Avalanche, local newspaper, dedicated to the word
  • Student thoughts on the word in the newspaper
  • Students write on their refocus for what character trait they were not showing when they go to the principal's office
  • Word of the month bulletin board
  • PACE words and posters in the hallway
  • Program for Rotary and gained at least 4 partners
  • All correspondences from the office have the word on it
  • Business cards have the PACE logo

West Nodaway

West Nodaway

West Nodaway students at a Character Assembly.

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  • Character assemblies are held once per month with student presentations
  • Character trait bulletin board in main entry/hallway
  • Shining Start awards are given for "Kind Deeds" (students receive a certificate and Starburst candy)
  • Partners are receiving packets, traits included in parent newsletter
  • Trait is included in guidance counselor lessons
  • Students have volunteered to make posters and other publicity and deliver to area businesses
  • American Flag - Patriot Day - Constitution Day: have all included the trait and been combined with presentations by American Legion, Auxiliary, other groups
  • A student greets students over the intercom and mentions the trait
  • "Zinc the Zebra" is being presented by Girl Scouts of America

Worth County

  • Included the word of the month in their homecoming parade on September 15, 2006.
  • Designated the first Friday of every month as Character/Spirit Day. The elementary students, faculty, staff, (bus drivers, custodians, cooks) and board members will all receive a Character Shirt to wear on this day.
  • The Elementary will have an assembly on the first Friday of every month to celebrate and honor the word of the month.
  • The word of the month is posted on the Elementary Friday Notes and both the Elementary and High School Bulletins as well as the Worth County Web Page.
  • Met with chamber to present and invite businesses to join
  • Presented to Board of Education
  • Tiger Paw (awarded for displaying traits) - which can be traded in for a prize
  • Classes are taking certain months/traits to make posters
  • COC/PACE Team has signed up to work concession stands at ballgames to earn money for printing, extra t-shirts and other expenses.