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Our History

The Northwest Missouri Regional Culture of Character Project is a public/private collaboration which was identified as a regional need. In response to the workforce concerns expressed from area plant managers the "education of the workforce" subcommittee of the Fall 2004 Heartland Foundation Regional Planning Forum identified the need to develop a regional emphasis on the character of the current and future workforce.

Culture of Character (COC) was generated as a comprehensive strategy to encourage a resilient character ethic in the minds and hearts of the current and future generations who will makeup the region's workforce. The primary goals of this initiative are:

  • To create a culture at school, in the workplace, in the community, and in the home, where character building is the norm and not the exception
  • To purposely create a diversified learning-space for conversations to take place between the student, teacher, child, parent, employer and employee

This regional COC project was initially directed to include the counties of Nodaway, Worth and Atchison in northwest Missouri. It is the vision of COC to expand the number of counties involved each year.

Area industries have committed to being involved in this venue and it is the vision of the steering committee that in the future all businesses of the three counties will be involved. Each school district's, business', industry's, family's and community's involvement is paramount to the success of making a culture of character a regional priority.

Please join us as we work to make this bold vision a reality for the future of Northwest Missouri.