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Businesses in Action

C & G Education Station

  • Devotes an entire wall to the 12 character traits
C&G Education Station C&G Education Station

Maryville Chamber of Commerce

  • Presented PACE initiative at Great Northwest Day
Maryville Chamber of Commerce


  • Hangs character posters in the plant's hallways
Energizer Energizer

Heartland Foundation

  • Posts a link on their websites to the character traits for each month
  • Sent out email to Leadership Northwest Missouri Alumni asking them to become partners
  • A regular section Listing of the monthly Character Trait in This Week at Heartland to include the description and detailed attributes (began in April)
  • Monthly inclusion of Character Trait in Lovely Lavender (distributed at Senior Leadership meeting beginning in April)
  • Program description along with focus of current monthly trait on website and Intranet (To begin in May)

Leadership Northwest Missouri | Great Northwest

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.

  • Article in current newsletter
  • Continuing "word of the month" in upcoming newsletters
  • Postings within departments
  • Character of the month posted on training board
  • Character initiative announced in Management meetings
  • Character of the month used by management as applies to projects, meetings, etc.
  • Attachment to e-mails

View Kawasaki's Character Education Vision Statement View PDF

LMP Steel & Wire Co.

  • Announces and discusses the word of the month in the Plant Meetings
  • Discusses how the word is being emphasized in the schools and communities. Employees will children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews are encouraged to take the information home, share, and reinforce the value in the children's lives.
  • Responsibility - Used on table placards for a Safety luncheon to emphasize how responsibility ties back to safety. (Everyone needs to be responsible for their own actions to avoid injuries.)
  • Respect - Vice-President of Manufacturing spoke about respect in the Plant Meeting to emphasize that, in order to be safe, the employees needed to respect their machinery and what it is capable of doing to them if they were injured. It was also discussed about respect for stored energy that could cause a machine to become active even though it is shut off.
  • Self-Control - Accounting Manager spoke in the monthly Plant Meetings in October and did a short power-point presentation to talk about how workers need to control their reactions to things that may happen to them at work, avoiding conflict by controlling one's emotions, and also how to use self-control to focus and get the jobs done.
  • Citizenship - Printed information from the Secretary of State of MO website about each of the amendments and propositions that were on the ballot. It gave voter information about the issue and what a "Yes" vote would mean and what a "No" vote would mean. This information was posted in the employee break room and made available to each building.

Maryville Churches

  • First Christian ChurchSt Gregory's Catholic Community, and St. Paul's Episcopal Church are cooperating to plan Vacation Bible School. VBS will be held at St Gregory's. All three churches provide funding and personnel.
  • First Christian Church is hosting the "Red Door Chili Supper" on March 29. This is a benefit for the Children and Family Center organized and sponsored by St Paul's Episcopal Church. Our Outreach Committee is helping promote and gather donations for this benefit.

Nodaway News Leader

  • Runs an ad on the student's perspective of the word of the month

NW MO Regional Professional Development Center

  • Posts word of month at entrance of building
  • Posts the word of the month on website
  • Hosts Culture of Character Celebrations and Meetings

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St. Francis Hospital

  • Devotes a section of their website to character values.
  • Produces a brochure devoted to their mission and character values.

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State Representative Mike Thomson

"My job as State Representative is a workshop on commitment and perseverance. I am indeed honored to have this opportunity but it is not for those that are not willing to stretch their limits and learn at an overwhelming pace."

-Mike Thomson

Support Staff Council, Northwest Missouri State University

  • Hangs posters of the monthly trait in their Chemistry/Physics lab each month

University of Missouri Extension

  • Devotes a section of their 4-H newsletter to the Culture of Character initiative and the monthly trait. This newsletter goes to all 4-H families in the Nodaway, Atchison, Worth, and Holt counties.
  • The University of Missouri Extension has scheduled character counts programs with Mound City and Fairfax Schools. They will also be in the kindergarten classes at Eugene Field in Maryville, and will be doing monthly programs in the 5th grade rooms at the Maryville Middle School. The monthly programs at the Middle School will be modeled after the PACE program.
  • Purchased T-shirts for the staff here in the Extension Office. The secretary has Nodaway-Holt colors, and the Nutrition Specialist has Maryville colors. The other two have MU Extension black and white, and 4-H green and white.
  • We are conducting one PACE program each month at the Maryville Middle School for all 5th grade students. Along with December's lesson on "Compassion" the students made caring cards, which were placed in a box and wrapped like a gift and taken to residents and staff at the Beverly Health Care nursing home in Maryville. The staff said "Bless you all!" when they received the cards!
  • Bob Westfall our County Commissioner liaison to the Extension Council, has posted the monthly posters on the bulletin board in the courthouse. On January 10 the Extension Council will be presenting the 2007 budget request to the County Commission, and Bob suggested I include a presentation on the PACE initiative.
  • We have monthly PACE lessons scheduled starting in January at South Holt school and at Nodaway-Holt school.
  • Completed a six week series of Character Counts with Fairfax PreK-6 graders, working with School Counselor Marissa Hedlund.

View 4-H Newsletter View PDF

Community Story

On November 28, 2005, my mother and I were in a car accident 17 miles south of Maryville. We hit a patch of ice, spun and rolled off the highway. My left elbow was injured and I underwent surgery on March 22, 2006. My recovery goal was to be able to perform a full length (five minute) puppet song using one of our large people puppets. I am not naturally left handed, but due to an injury to my right upper back in another car accident (head-on collision with a drunk driver) on December 30, 1994, I had to learn to learn puppetry with my left arm. On August 27, 2006, I met my goal during morning worship. The song I performed? "God Is In Control" by Twila Paris...the last song I remember hearing before we hit the patch of ice.

Although I recovered from surgery, underwent physical therapy, and was able to return to the puppet ministry, the injury to my left elbow flared up again after Thanksgiving 2006. Then I developed tendonitis in my right arm and plantar's fasciitis in my left foot. I go back to see the doctor this afternoon, and I'll probably get some more cortisone injections. I haven't given up on puppet ministry. One of these days, I will again present a full length song using one of our large people puppets.

What Can YOU Do To Support The Word of the Month?

  • Post the word & definition on your Marquee
  • Post the word & definition on your website
  • Post the word & definition on the Bottom of All E-mails
  • Include the word & definition in your Newsletter
  • Include the word & definition in your Church/Social Bulletin
  • Include the word & definition in your Concert & Football Programs
  • Hang a poster of the word & definition in your Store
  • Print the word & definition on your Store's Receipts/Billing Statements
  • Announce the word & definition at School Functions (Sports, Concerts)
  • Announce the word & definition at Community Functions (Church, Community Picnic, etc.)
  • Purchase a Culture of Character T-Shirt
  • Place the word & definition on your Computer's Screen Saver
  • Teach the word & definition to a Child in your Community
  • Announce the word & definition in Staff & Team Meetings
  • Print the PACE logo on your Business Cards

Brainstorm with your staff how to use the word & definition in your own setting .

Speak about what the word would "look like, feel like, and sound like" in your own setting.