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RHA Committees

If you are interested in applying to serve as the committee chair for any of these committees, please email RHA for an application.


  • To provide improvements to the residence halls and campus as a whole in response to resident’s concerns and desires using resources available to them on campus.
  • To investigate, and act, if need be, on concerns brought to the attention of the group, in correspondence with the level of concern and need.
  • To be a liaison between students and administration with respect to campus/hall improvement.


  • To provide a welcoming, stress-free and productive atmosphere for all residents on campus.
  • To work with other organizations on campus to provide alternative activities for our residents.

Recruitment and Retention

  • To promote interest in joining RHA.
  • To program in order to create relationships between the halls and RHA.
  • To help residents find their place within and stay connected throughout their time on campus.