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Bed Configurations by Residence Hall

Bed configuration possibilities for each hall are listed below.  Unless specified, all halls have extra-long twin mattresses.

  • Dieterich & Millikan Hall beds are not loftable on their own, but you may rent or purchase a loft from one of our vendors if you choose.  Information about our vendors will be available at SOAR in June.
  • Franken Hall, Tower Suites, & Hudson-Perrin beds all come with loftable beds.  Loft kits are provided in the room at no additional cost.
  • South Complex beds are not loftable, but may be bunked.  A bunking kit may be checked out from the hall desk when you move-in.
  • Roberta Hall beds are loftable and bunkable.  Lofting kits are available in the room at no additional cost.
  • Forest Village Apartment beds are not loftable or bunkable.  However, each resident has a private bedroom which largely eliminates the need for a loft.