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Residence Hall Staff Selection: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements to apply?

Candidates should have completed 28 credits hours and have a cumulative GPA of a 2.50 and a semester GPA of a 2.0. If you don’t meet those requirements, you can still apply. If selected for a student staff position, you must live on campus in the building you are assigned to. It is important to note that a student staff position is a YEAR-LONG commitment.

What kind of time requirements are there?

Being a student staff member is more than “just a job” - it is a lifestyle. Student staff members work at the front desk in their hall, put on programs, interact with residents on their floor and in the hall, attend meetings, and are available for students and staff members. It is hard to estimate how much time a student staff position will take but it is totally worth it! 

Can I apply for multiple positions?

ABSOLUTELY! You can apply for as many positions as you want and you believe you are a quality candidate for. During the orientation process you can continue to explore all of the positions in which you applied. At the end of the orientation process you will be asked to decide which two positions you would like to interview and be consider for at the end of the selection process.

What does it mean to be in the Alternate Pool?

Each year the selection committee designates a certain number of candidates as Alternates.  Candidates from this group are considered should any positions become available in the future.  Alternates are encouraged to attend training in the spring and fall. 

Do Alternates usually get hired?

YES! Most of the Alternates will get hired during the summer or throughout the year. Alternates are not guaranteed a position on staff and should reapply after being on the alternate list for two semesters.

After I am hired, is there anything I have to do before the end of the spring semester?

Yes.  All new staff members are required to attend a couple of training sessions in April.

If I am hired, do I get to pick where I want to live?

No, hired staff do not get to select the building where they will live.  However, candidates may be asked to indicate building preferences during the process. When appropriate, preferences are considered when placement decisions are made, it is not guaranteed that candidates will be assigned to the building of their choice.

If I get hired, when do I have to return to school in August? (Only for staff hired to start in August)

Staff training begins on Wednesday, August 7th (date subject to change) for new staff members. Staff will be involved in training and opening until classes begin and may not commit to any other activities during that time period that conflict with these obligations. Scheduling conflicts must be discussed in advance with your supervising Hall/Complex Director.