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Northwest Missouri State University


Room alterations such as bunk beds and lofts are permitted in the following areas:

Sample Loft Design for Self-Building

Plans for making a loft

Guidelines for Loft Construction

  1. All lofts must be freestanding. The loft cannot be fastened to any part of the floor, walls, or ceiling of the room for structural support.
  2. If lofts are built, the bed springs should be incorporated into the loft and the bed ends must be stored in the room.
  3. The loft must be completely removed from the room before finals at the end of the spring semester (even if you are planning to return to the same room the following academic year). A removal fee may be charged to residents who abandon lofts in the room or hallways.
  4. Any damages resulting from the building, existence or removal of the loft will be billed to you.
  5. Because of variations in room size and other restrictions, students are encouraged to construct their lofts only after arrival on campus. It is also suggested that you discuss building a loft with your roommate.
  6. Lofts are not to be placed in front of windows, exits, heating units, smoke detectors, telephone jacks, or other items needing periodic maintenance.
  7. Lofts must be structurally able to support the student's weight.
  8. In the construction of lofts, green lumber should not be used. Post or lumber designed for outside use is not permitted. The loft must not include any materials or design of particularly hazardous or flammable nature.
  9. Painting or staining of lumber should be done outside the residence hall before assembling the loft in the room.
  10. There must be at least two feet from the top of the mattress to the ceiling. The minimum height to the ceiling is to help prevent head injuries and minimize the danger in case of fire.
  11. No University-owned furniture or equipment may be removed from the room to accommodate a loft.
  12. The University is not responsible for any injury resulting from the construction or use of lofts or other student construction.
  13. When the structure is completed, the resident must request an inspection. Ask your RA to arrange for inspection. If the structure is not approved, it must be corrected or removed within 48 hours.