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North Complex Cooperative Community Low-Cost Housing

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Residential & Auxiliary Services is pleased to offer Cooperative Community housing: a low-cost housing and food plan option for students.  Application information is at the bottom of this page.  

Cooperative Community housing comes with very different expectations and offerings than any other residence hall. Review all of the information on this page to determine your interest in this type of housing.

The Basics

  • 30 spaces will initially be offered.  Additional spaces may be added later, but is not guaranteed.
  • Room Costs: $2000/semester.  This is a $791 savings per semester over our previous lowest rate used in Millikan and Dieterich halls.
  • Dining Costs:
    • Freshmen: Freshmen must select from the normal list of plans - 5-day, Silver, Gold, & Platinum.  Review meal plans here.
    • Upperclassmen: $717/semester.  This plan provides 100 swipes in Bearcat Commons and includes $75 dining dollars.  This plan saves students $1,116 per semester over our previous lowest rate for the 5-Day Plan now offered.
  • To assist each student's ability to pay the majority of their room and board fees, a student employment job placement effort will be made by Northwest to assist each student's ability to pay their room and board costs.  On campus jobs will be available, but not guaranteed, for all applicants.  Having employment, in any form, is not required to live on this floor.

Employment Opportunities

For students interested in gaining employment - employment is not required - the primary areas we have available include:

  • Residence Hall Desk Assistant positions with Residential & Auxiliary Services 
  • Various positions with Campus Dining
  • Various positions with Facility Services including Custodial and possible maintenance work.

If you are selected to live in Cooperative Community housing and seek employment, Campus Dining and Residential & Auxiliary Services will conduct a hiring process.  Details will be provided at a later date, but typically, hiring for the next academic year starts no earlier than mid-July.

Community Expectations & Offerings

  • This community is low service (i.e. desk services will not be offered in building, but available at South Complex).
  • As this is a Cooperative Community living environment, you will be expected to assist with building/community upkeep (i.e. trash removal, vacuuming, etc.). Bathroom cleaning will be conducted by Custodial Services.
  • There is not standard air conditioning, but there is an air cooler in each room.
  • Jobs will be provided but not guaranteed. If you do not complete job requirements you will lose your job.
  • If you choose to apply all of your job earnings to your room and food costs, this will cover a significant majority of your total room and food costs.
  • Your application will be evaluated by Financial Services, with information already on file in their office, to determine your eligibility based on financial need. Only those students with the highest need will be selected for this community.
  • You will find out, via university e-mail, if you are approved for this option.
  • You have the option to have a private room at an additional cost.
  • If selected for this community you must sign a housing and food service agreement and select your room by February 15th for guaranteed placement. Information on how to complete the agreement and select a room will be provided via university e-mail.

To Apply

Incoming Freshmen

  • Our office will be notified about each student's eligibility for this housing option prior to Freshman Room Selection. Once your selection day arrives, if you are eligible, you will automatically be able to select housing in North Complex. No application necessary.


  1. Log into CatPAWS 
  2. Click Housing and navigate into the Housing System.
  3. Once in, click Room Selection.
  4. Select Room Selection for the next academic year (i.e. 2021-22 Room Selection)
  5. Click Upperclassman Housing
  6. Under Step 1: Housing Application, complete both the Housing Application and Cooperative Community application.