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Room Selection Tips and FAQ's

How do I pair up with a roommate?

  • If you have another student(s) you wish to live with, whichever of you is eligible to select their room first will be allowed to pull in all other roommates during the process.
  • To make this happen, each student must complete their housing application. When doing so, each student will be asked to create a roommate PIN number. When the time to select a room comes, the student selecting will need the PIN number of their planned roommate(s). By sharing this number, students give their permission to be pulled in as a roommate.

Who is eligible to be pulled in as my roommate?

Any Northwest student can be pulled in as your roommate during any phase of the process. For example, a student who lives in South Complex and participates in the Same Hall, Different Room phase of selection does not have to pull in someone who already lives in South Complex. It can be any Northwest student.

What if an incoming freshman and a upperclass or incoming transfer student want to live together?

This is permitted. The only requirement is that the pair will be required to live on a freshman floor.

To make this happen, BOTH students must email us at and tell us your name and student ID number (your 919-number) and the name of your requested roommate. Once we have been notified by both students, we will work with you to assigned assign you both together.

How do I access the Room Selection process?

  1. Log into CatPAWS.
  2. Click Housing and navigate into the Housing System.
  3. Click Room Selection
  4. Follow the onscreen process.
    • Step 1: Complete Your Housing Application
    • Step 2: When your day/time to select arrives, select your room/suite/apartment.

What if I am not sure if I want to live on or off campus next year?

Pro-Tip:  If you're not sure whether you want to live on or off campus next year, definitely go through the Room Selection process. Use the process to get your most preferred on-campus housing space while good preferred spaces remain. If you change your mind, cancel your housing for next year by April 1st and there will be no cancellation fees.

Can I cancel my housing for next year after I select a room?

Yes. Cancellation fees will be charged on the following schedule. If you cancel:

  • On or before April 1st: No cancellation fee.
  • April 2nd - June 1st: $50 cancellation fee.
  • June 1st - July 31st: $100 cancellation fee.
  • August 1 - start of your contract: $200 cancellation fee.

Once your contract goes into effect and you move in for fall, you may be charged a $200 cancellation fee or 35% of the remainder of your room fees for the year. Fees will depend on the circumstances of your request to cancel.