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John Pope



1353 Garrett-Strong


660.562.1188 (fax)

Joined Northwest in 2002

Associate Professor


  • Ph.D. Geoscience; University of Iowa, 2006
  • M.S. Geology; University of Iowa, 1999
  • B.S. Geology (cum laude); Northwest Missouri State University, 1996
  • A.A.S. Electronics; Southwestern Community College, 1976

Courses Taught

  • General Geology lecture & lab
  • General Geology Honors lecture and lab
  • Historical Geology lecture & lab (2002-2007)
  • Structural Geology lecture and lab (2002-2007)
  • Economic Geology (2002-2007)
  • Optical Mineralogy lecture & lab
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Stratigraphy lecture and lab
  • Field Trip
  • Advanced Field Trip
  • Earth Science lecture & lab
  • On-line Earth Science lecture and lab
  • Paleontology
  • Sedimentology lecture & lab
  • Senior Seminar
  • Geology of National Parks
  • Maps and Map Interpretation

Academic Interests

  • Pennsylvanian Mid-Continent radiolarian and conodont biostratigraphy
  • Pennsylvanian high-resolution sequence stratigraphy
  • Pennsylvanian Cherokee Group of Iowa

Scholarly Activity

  • Pope, J.P., in press, Description of Pennsylvanian units, revision of stratigraphic nomenclature and reclassification of the Morrowan, Atokan, Desmoinesian, Missourian, and Virgilian stages (Cherokee, Marmaton, Bronson, Kansas City, Lansing, Douglas, Shawnee, and Wabaunsee groups) in Iowa: Iowa Geological Survey, 155 p.
  • Pope, J.P., Pronina-Nestell, G..P, Nestell, M.K., and Barrick, J.E., in press, A remarkable Middle Pennsylvanian microfossil assemblage from the Excello Shale Member, Mouse Creek Formation, south-central Iowa, USA: 6th International Conference of Environmental Micropaleontology, Microbiology and Meiobenthology (Russian Branch), Borissiak Paleontological Institute Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia. [extended abs.]
  • Nestell, G.P., Pope, J.P., and Nestell, M.K., in review, Middle Pennsylvanian (Desmoinesian) radiolarian from south-central Iowa, northern Midcontinent North America: Journal of Micropaleontology.
  • Hunter, B.S., and Pope, J.P., in press, Possible high-order cycles preserved in the high-stand systems tract of the Queen Hill Shale Member of the Lecompton Formation (Shawnee Group, Virgilian Stage, Upper Pennsylvanian) of northwest Missouri:  Missouri Academy of Science Transactions, [abs.] (Lincoln Univ.) (UGR) This paper placed first in the collegiate division.
  • Witzke, B.J., Anderson, R.R., and Pope, J.P., 2010, Bedrock geologic map of Iowa [map discussion as separate PDF]: Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Geologic and Water Survey, Open File Map OFM-2010-01.
  • Pope, J.P., and Pope, D.L., 2010, From alternative energy to the Pennsylvanian: alternative energy, petroleum, loess, wind turbines and Pennsylvanian stratigraphy, with a contribution by George H. Davis: Association of Missouri Geologists, 57th annual meeting field trip guidebook, Northwest Missouri State University, 114 p.
  • Pope, J.P., and Marshall, T.R., 2010, Pennsylvanian geology of Decatur City and Thayer quarries: in The Pennsylvanian geology of south-central Iowa: Marshall, T., and Fields, C., eds., Geological Society of Iowa Guidebook 86, p. 3-26.
  • Fisher, M., and Pope, J. P., 2010, Conodont biostratigraphy of marine units above the type Tebo Coal, Henry County, Missouri: GSA North-Central/South-Central sections combined meeting (Branson, MO), GSA Abstracts with Programs Vol. 42, No. 2, p. 50. (UGR) This paper placed in the top fifteen of all undergraduate and graduate oral presentations.
  • Pope, J.P., and Marshall, T.R., 2009, Pennsylvanian Geology of the Saylorville Emergency Spillway: in Geology of the Saylorville Spillway after the flood of 2008: Anderson, R.R., and Fields, C., eds., Geological Society of Iowa Guidebook 84, p. 39-63. (field trip co-leader)
  • Leger, A.M., Agenbroad, L.D., and Pope, J.P., 2009, Comparative Analyses of Cranial Measurements with Dental Ages of the Columbian Mammoth (Mammuthus columbi) from the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota: South-Central Geological Society of America (Dallas, TX), Abstract with Programs, Vol. 41, No. 2, p. 10. (UGR) Placed 2nd in MAS Collegiate Geology Section, 2009.

Student Group Advisement

  • AAPG, Faculty Advisor

Other Professional Experiences

  • Association of Missouri Geologists (AMG)- President (2010-2011)
  • Missouri Academy of Science (MAS)- Chair Collegiate Geology Section
  • Geological Society of America (GSA)- North-Central Section
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)- Active member
  • I.U.G.S. Subcommission on Carboniferous Stratigraphy (SCCS)
  • Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) - Great Lakes Section
  • Pander Society
  • Geological Society of Iowa (GSI)