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Sept. 27, 2018

Faculty, staff members assisting women with ‘We Gotchya!’

Stickers with the phrase “We Gotchya!” are appearing on office windows and doors throughout the Northwest Missouri State University campus as part of an initiative by faculty and staff members to assist women and engage in a broader discussion.

The baskets in high-traffic ladies’ rooms in Colden Hall, the J.W. Jones Student Union, Wells Hall and Valk Center offer feminine products for free to women who may need them. At the same time, women who have extra products are encouraged to leave them in a “We Gotchya!” basket or donate a large quantity of products at an office with a “We Gotchya!” sticker.

The goal of “We Gotchya!” is to provide resources to women who need them and engage in a broader discussion about menstruation, the luxury tax on the items and the taboo that exists about periods in society, Gabrielle Fields, a Northwest coordinator of diversity and inclusion, said.

“We want to help women manage their periods with dignity,” Fields said. “We are working to provide needed resources for menstruating women. Machines aren't always stocked, and if they are, students don’t always have financial resources. We don’t want students missing class or other events just because there are no feminine products readily available. We are women supporting women, and understanding this issue is a matter of dignity and equity.”

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