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Nov. 24, 2015

Northwest announces closure of TKE chapter after investigation

Northwest Missouri State University has revoked its institutional recognition of the Delta Nu chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity, the University announced today, citing violations of Greek Life risk management policies.

The action is effective immediately, and the chapter will no longer be recognized, identified or listed as a University-affiliated Greek organization. The chapter will no longer receive the benefits and support of a University-recognized student organization, and it is no longer permitted to participate in Greek Life activities, including recruitment, initiation, Interfraternity Council and social events.

Decisions related to the future of the fraternity house, which is not University-owned property at 555 West Ninth St., will be made by the fraternity’s national office and the local Tau Kappa Epsilon Housing Corporation. Current TKE members who reside in the house are being asked to contact Northwest’s Office of Residential Life for housing assistance.

University leaders made the decision to revoke the chapter’s institutional recognition after a recent risk management investigation concluded the chapter had violated its probationary status by failing to comply with policies and procedures on multiple occasions.

Northwest had placed the chapter on probation in May for violations related to alcohol use and risk management concerns that surfaced during a separate investigation conducted last spring. The chapter’s probationary status would have expired in December.

“Tau Kappa Epsilon has a long and proud tradition at the University and has been a foundational experience in the lives of many alumni,” Northwest Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Matt Baker wrote in a letter to the chapter president. “But the chapter’s deteriorating culture and refusal to abide by the terms of its probation leave the University with no choice but to revoke recognition.”

The Delta Nu chapter was established at Northwest on May 15, 1954, with 37 members, making it the third fraternity at the University. In 1986, it was recognized as the youngest chapter to initiate 1,000 men – a number that stands at more than 1,600 today. The Delta Nu chapter’s roster consisted of 82 active members this fall.

Future students may attempt to regain University recognition no earlier than February 2019 by filing a petition for colony status with the University.

The risk management investigation was launched after the University Police Department received reports on Nov. 1, 2015, of a sexual assault in the chapter’s house. Separate investigations under the University’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy as well as by the Maryville Public Safety remain active and findings have not been released.

The chapter may appeal the University’s decision, under Northwest’s Student Conduct policy. The appeal must be filed by Dec. 2, and Northwest Leadership Team members will review it.

Northwest President Dr. John Jasinski also has called for the launch of a Greek Life visioning process, to be led by two University alumni with organizational leadership from Northwest’s Greek Life Coordinator. The process will involve University leaders, students and alumni to address the future of Greek Life at Northwest and ensure its vibrancy and positive contributions to student, organizational and community success.

For more information, please contact:

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