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M.S.Ed. in Teaching Mathematics

In cooperation with the College of Education and Human Services, an area of concentration in mathematics is provided for teachers to teach mathematics at the high school level. The purpose of the program is to help mathematics teachers:

  • Acquire increased competency in a broad spectrum of the mathematical sciences.
  • Develop additional skills and understanding in the art of good mathematics teaching, including teaching special students.
  • Study current trends and issues in education, and, in particular, mathematics education.

Required Courses for Mathematics

Course No. Course Name Hours
Core Requirements  
Ed 61-695 Philosophy of Education OR 3
Ed 61-649     Issues in Education 3
Ed 61-682 Methods in Educational Research 2
Ed 61-683 Research Paper 1
Education Requirements
Ed 61-650 Improvement of Teaching 3
Ed 61-651 Seminar and Practicum in Teaching 3
Mathematics Requirements (selected fifteen hours from the following courses)
Math 17-511 Applied Linear Algebra 3
Math 17-518 Number Theory 3
Math 17-520 Advanced Calculus 3
Math 17-521 Complex Analysis 3
Math 17-535 Probability Theory 3
Math 17-536 Statistical Inference 3
Math 17-555 Non-Euclidean Geometry 3
Math 17-556 Introduction to Point Set Topology 3
Math 17-561 Applied Mathematics 3
Math 17-565 Numerical Analysis 3
Math 17-635 Computer Methods in Statistics 3
Unspecified Electives 5
Total Course Hours Required 32