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Missouri Collaborative Elementary Mathematics Specialist (DESE Add-on Certification)

About the Program

The call to improve student achievement in mathematics is particularly challenging at the elementary level where teachers generally receive limited specialized training in mathematics or mathematics pedagogy. In order to address this demand for highly-trained mathematics teachers, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has established an advanced certification of Elementary Mathematics Specialist. This program is designed to prepare students for this certification by offering in-depth study of grade appropriate mathematics as specified in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (2010), supervised application of pedagogy, and leadership training.

The program is designed and will be delivered collaboratively across five institutions (University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Central Missouri, Missouri State University, Southeast Missouri State University, and Northwest Missouri State University).  It includes online, face-to-face (20 credits), and school-based internships (4 credits).

Although most courses will be delivered collaboratively, each student must choose one of the collaborative universities as his/her home university. This is the university at which the student will enroll in all classes (paying that university’s tuition/fees), receive advising, and attend all face-to-face sessions.

The program includes five integrated mathematics content/pedagogy courses, four of which have an internship, and two leadership development courses and is designed for full-time classroom teachers. Program courses are offered over a 2-year cycle, but new cohorts may begin each fall. See the program summary below and/or your collaborative home university closest to you for more details. Classes may be capped, so students who wish to participate in this program need to apply at your home university as soon as possible.

Each university in the collaborative also offers a master’s degree of which the Elementary Mathematics Specialist (EMS) program is a part. See your home university for details.

Check your home university for the following:

  • A detailed description of when each course will be taught.
  • Tuition and fees
  • Application Information
  • Information about that university’s master’s degree program.

Eligibility requirements: Current elementary teachers with at least 1 year of classroom teaching experience, strong interest in enhancing mathematics content and pedagogical preparation, and commitment to completing the requirements of the program in the 2-year period.

Because students are more successful in cohort programs, it is essential that participants commit to the timeline and requirements of the program.

Program of Study

Year 1

Fall A course in Number and Operation 3 credits
Fall Seminar/Internship in Number and Operation 1 credit
Spring A course in Rational Number and Ratio and Proportional Relationships 3 credits
Spring Seminar/Internship in Rational Numbers and Proportional Thinking 1 credit
Summer A course in Modeling, Data and Probability 3 credits
Summer Mathematical Leadership: Foundations 2 credits

Year 2

Fall A course in Geometry and Measurement 3 credits
Fall Seminar/Internship in Geometry and Measurement 1 credit
Spring A course in Algebraic Reasoning 3 credits
Spring Seminar/Internship in Algebraic 1 credit
Summer Mathematical Leadership: Influencing and Facilitating Improvement 3 credits

Locations & Contacts

Partner Locations Northwest Missouri State University University of Missouri-Columbia University of Central Missouri University of Missouri-St. Louis Missouri State University Southeast Missouri State University

University Contact Contact Info
University of Central Missouri Dr. Ann McCoy Phone: 660.543.4386
University of Missouri-Columbia Dr. Corey Webel Phone: 573.882.6774
University of Missouri-St. Louis Dr. Kathleen Fink Phone: 314.516.5332
Missouri State University Dr. Kurt Killion Phone: 417.836.6385
Northwest Missouri State University Dr. Jenni Wall Phone: 660.562.1729
Southeast Missouri State University Dr. Tamela Randolph Phone: 573.651.2164