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Math Skills 17-090/091

Please Read: Review of Math Skills Letter for Summer 2014

Developmental Mathematics Review Materials

Background Information

The developmental mathematics coursework offered at Northwest Missouri State University has been organized into 10 modules designed to meet the competencies regarded as necessary for success in college-level mathematics. These competencies have been identified through an examination of both the College and Career Readiness Standards (developed in conjunction with the National Governor’s Association Common Core State Standards) and the College Entry Level Competencies (developed for the Missouri Department of Higher Education). While students need to master the concepts in all 10 modules prior to enrolling in a college-level course, many students will only have deficiencies in some areas; they are partially but not fully prepared. It is also unrealistic to expect all students are to learn at the same pace and with the same instructional strategies; this type of class does not meet the diverse level of preparation exhibited by entering students.

To address these issues and individualize instruction, we have redesigned the development coursework replacing lectures with a learning resource center featuring interactive computer software and on-demand personalized assistance. Module pre-tests will determine which competencies individual students have mastered and which they still need to meet. Once deficient areas are identified, students will be required to complete the identified modules at a mastery level (80% competency) before being allowed to enroll in a college-level mathematics course. Students will only be required to complete work in deficient areas; they will work at their own pace however they will be encouraged to complete the required remedial work as quickly as possible in order to facilitate a move to college-level work. 

Below are links to on-line materials that can help students review the competencies included in the Math Skills modules. Use these materials to prepare for the placement test; remember, students will only need to complete those modules for which they cannot show mastery.

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Wolfram Education Portal

FlexBook: CK-12 Algebra I
Second Edition

A dynamic, interactive, Algebra textbook you can download to you own computer or access on-line.

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InterAct Math

Interactive Practice Problems/Tutorial Site

This site provides practice exercise and tutorials associated with various textbooks

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Khan Academy

Video Library

A video library containing short tutorial videos that to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

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