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Missouri Academy

Sending School Information


Students who enroll at the Missouri Academy from public schools in Missouri may be kept on the rolls of their sending school at the discretion of their school administrators and the students.  We refer to student's prior schools as "Sending Schools".  Sending Schools are contacted prior to the start of each Fall to elect whether or not to keep the students on their rolls. This applies only to public schools in the state of Missouri.

Relationship between Missouri Academy and Sending School

A document describing the relationship between the Sending School, the Missouri Academy and the Student can be found at:

The first page speaks to Sending School administrators, while the second page is designed for students and their parents.  All Missouri Academy stakeholders are encouraged to review this document for a better understanding of this relationship.  A link to this document is e-mailed to school administrators by DESE in August of each year.

Letter from DESE to Sending Schools

A copy of the letter from the DESE detailing how Sending Schools should treat issues related to the Missouri Academy and public school students who enroll at the Missouri Academy is located at:

A link to this letter is also e-mailed to school administrators by DESE in August of each year.

Election Form & Designee Appointment

Sending Schools are expected to indicate whether they intend to keep Missouri Academy students on their rolls or not.  In addition, each Sending School is expected to appoint a designee who will be the contact person for correspondence with the Missouri Academy.  An election form for this purpose is located at: Election Form - Designee.pdf

For more information regarding the relationships between the Missouri Academy and Sending Schools, including accountability, reporting, funding, assessments, transcripts, diplomas and more, please contact the Missouri Academy at 660-562-1960 or toll free at 877-398-4615.