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Missouri Academy

Admission Requirements for International Students

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Missouri Academy is not accepting applications.

The Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing – a two-year accelerated, early-entrance-to-college residential program for academically-talented students on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University – will end its operations at the conclusion of the 2017-2018 academic year, the University has announced. Read the full announcement »



All international student applicants must complete a Missouri Academy Application Form for International Students.  For admission purposes, an international student is either a non-US citizen or non-US Permanent Resident (without a green card) – who may reside in the US or in their home country.  Applications will be considered on a rolling admission basis between September 2016 and May 2017.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

To be eligible to apply to the Missouri Academy for the Class of 2019, which begins on July 24, 2017, a student/candidate must:

Students/candidates in 9th grades of high school will be considered only under special circumstances (see below for the special circumstances). The curriculum at the Missouri Academy is rigorous and difficult, and consists of all university courses taught by university professors at Northwest Missouri State University. Therefore, students selected to attend the Missouri Academy must be academically talented, high-performing and must be prepared to assume high levels of responsibility.

What Are The Selection Criteria Used For Admission?

Evaluation/Selection Criteria

#1.  Evaluation of 9th - 10th 
       grades (or equivalent)

       academic transcript
            (25 points)

a. Applicant must have taken or are currently taking the following subjects and show high performance in the classroom, i.e. mostly “A’s” and some “B’s” or equivalent performance: advanced mathematics, science (chemistry & biology), and English.

b. Applicants ranked in the top 5-10% are generally preferable.

#2. Score on the Missouri 
      Academy Entrance 
      Examination (MAEE) 
           (25 points)

This entrance exam has two parts: the English section and the Mathematics section.  The English section is 60 minutes long and contains has a ‘Reading’ sub-section and an ‘Essay’ sub-section.  The Mathematics section is also 60 minutes and contains 25 multiple-choice questions.

#3. Performance at the 
          (20 points)

The purpose of the interview is to determine the applicant’s facility with the English language.  We want to determine the applicant’s level of comfort with conversational English.  We will focus on how well the applicant understands the questions/comments and how well we understand the applicant’s responses, comments and explanations.

          (20 points)

TOEFL or IELTS Score: the applicant must have a minimum Internet-Based TOEFL (iBT) score of 75.  Alternatively, the applicant can take and submit an IELTS score (minimum Band 6.0).

#5. Other Factors
          (10 points)

a. Evaluations from two teachers: Teacher evaluations forms can be obtained from the Missouri Academy website at  The teachers will complete them and send them directly to Dr. Cleo Samudzi as specified on the evaluation forms. No other letter of recommendation will be used. (5 points)

b. The applicant is expected to submit evidence of awards and honors received during the 9th and 10th grades ONLY.  (5 points)

Total = 100 points

The two top candidates (from each country) with the highest points will receive the two top scholarships

Students/candidates who receive a total minimum score of 70% (in the five criteria above) will be accepted for admission to the Missouri Academy.  The Missouri Academy does not require SAT or ACT scores from international students for selection/admission purposes.  However, the Missouri Academy requires these tests (ACT or SAT) for those international students interested in applying for the TWO partial scholarships available.

Special Selection Criteria for 9th Graders

Students/candidates who have only completed 9th grade of high school and wish to be considered for the Class of 2019 must: