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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having problems with my student e-mail. Who should I contact?

Please contact the Help Desk ( or 660.562.1634).

I have updated my department's web pages using the web content manager system. What do I do to have these changes reflected on the web?

When you submit your updates for publishing an e-mail is automatically sent to any web custodians assigned to your site and the Web Team. Your updates should be published within 24 hours.

I want to update my department's web pages, but don't have access to the content management system. What should I do?

Email Crystal Ward ( with the username that needs access and to which website. Access is typically granted within 48 hours with training to follow.

If you are taking over the web maintenance for someone, be sure to include their username in the e-mail so their access can be removed.

I submitted a request for change two days ago, and it's still not live!

The length of time needed to update a page depends on two things: the size/complexity of the update, and the amount of work in the queue before the update. When it comes to performing page updates, we work on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can you help me with my CATpages page?

If you have problems accessing CATpages or have other general questions, you can contact Crystal Ward at or call ext. 1033.

However, the Web Team is concerned only with developing and/or updating content for pages within the University website.