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Design Procedures


Photo Options

  1. Check to see if there are photos available that will suit your needs.
  2. If photos are not available on the above website, contact University Photography at to make a specific photo request.
  3. If an existing University photo does not serve your needs, you may select for free an existing stock photo that is available in University Marketing and Communication. Email
  4. You also have the option to purchase your own stock imagery at the expense of your department. Bigstock Photo is one such company with images available for purchase, but you are welcome to use any other stock photo company.
  5. Individuals should not use photos from the Internet without permission. Images taken from Google Images or other online sources may be trademarked or copyrighted, and you may be breaking the law by using one of these images.


Project Priority

The Office of University Marketing and Communication provides the marketing tools and experience that push our story forward in external markets. Priority status is given to projects associated with student recruitment in alignment with the strategic needs of the university. The office will produce projects for all other university departments as time permits.

Submission of a project request form does NOT guarantee acceptance of a submitted project. Due to the volume of requests we receive, ALL projects must be intended for an external audience.

If approved, the requestor will be notified of their project approval and approximate schedule.

Projects are not started until FINAL content is received.


Starting A Project

Complete one form for each publication you need. All information must be completed and contain final content in order to start a project.


Design projects take on average between two and eight weeks for completion, depending on the scope of the project, the printing needs and the workload in the office.

FOAP Number

  • You will need the FOAP number that you would like your project charged to before submitting this form. Please have this before you begin, as you cannot save your progress on this form. You will also need your requested quantity. Your graphic designer will respond with an estimate after approving your design request.

Is your project new or an update?

  • If this is an update to a project that was previously designed by the University Marketing and Communication office, please provide a hard copy sample with your edits. If this is a new project and you have a specific look you desire, please submit a copy of a similar publication or your design ideas.

How long will it take?

  • Please note that for smaller jobs our office requests a minimum turnaround of two to four weeks from the time your final proofread copy is submitted and four to eight weeks for larger jobs. These times can vary based on the number of proofs you request or if a graphic designer is out of the office. Please note that our printers request up to two weeks of printing time.

Submit Final Content

  • After submitting the project request form, please send any additional copy or files to
  • ALL COPY SUBMITTED SHOULD BE FINAL. Please proofread, edit and spell check before submitting your copy. You will be limited to a maximum of three proofs per design project. These proofs should catch only minor errors and changes, as copy should be final once submitted. Submit text in a word document via email

Ready to get started?


Each office is responsible for ordering its own stationery items. Rapid Elite is Northwest’s vendor for branded stationery materials. Rapid Elite will prepare artwork, provide proofs and, once approved, print the order. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes and note cards are available from Rapid Elite. The prices for these items are listed below.


  • Prepare a purchase requisition in CatPAWS to Rapid Elite (919382175) and request your file to be designed by Rapid Elite using the Project Request Form.
  • You will need one of the following commodity codes for the PR:
    • letterhead (96651)
    • envelopes (96631)
    • business cards (96607)
    • note cards (96600)
    • general printing services (96600)
  • The PR number is required for your project to be ordered


  • Stationery is contracted with Rapid Elite and pricing can be found on the Stationery Pricing Guide.
  • To help us in our process, avoid ordering uncontracted products as a contracted project. I.E. please do not submit a project as stationery that does not fit the contract (no price = no contract). These projects will need to be created as a generic print request, not stationery request. 

Approval Process

  • When your item or items are ordered, a PDF proof will be sent for your approval. Please follow the instructions with the PDF proof, reviewing it carefully. Your email approval to Rapid Elite stands as proof approval and allows the project to proceed to print. If the project comes back from the printer with errors that were not caught during the proofing process, you will be responsible for reprinting charges.
  • Items are not ordered until you submit a request with the form accurately completed with necessary information (PR, Publication Request Form and required information). Putting the order on CatPAWS does not automatically place the order.