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Professional Writing Certificate

Wherever you work, you will write. If you want to be successful at your job, you will need to be good at writing.

When the National Association of Colleges and Employers asks employers what attributes they look for on a candidate’s résumé, employers routinely cite written communication skills. In fact, in 2016, more than 70 percent said they want to hire good writers—making writing one of the most sought-after attributes for new professionals.

This isn’t surprising. Every good job demands good writing. Whether you’re writing an email to a client or a memorandum to a manager, surveying a site as an engineer or customers as a marketing consultant, negotiating prices as a farmer or contracts as an entrepreneur, recording treatments as a physical therapist or witness statements as a police officer, you’ll do it in writing. Today’s marketplace demands professionals who can use writing to communicate accurately, efficiently and effectively.

Northwest Missouri State University’s Professional Writing Certificate is a complement to your major. Complete just four classes:

Course No.Course NameHours
Engl 10-315 Writing for the Professions 3
Eng 10-430 Writing for the Online Age 3
Eng 10-515 Advanced Professional Writing 3
Eng 10-203 Writing and Rhetoric 3
Eng 10-512 Publication Skills 3
Total Hours 12

You may even complete some of these courses online.

You’ll get permanent, official, university certification that you have the written communication skills employers want. Your Professional Writing Certificate will appear on your transcript. You can list it on your résumé. Which is good. Because that’s where employers will look to see if you can write before they hire you.