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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Language, Literature, and Writing offers an unmatched experience where grow and learn in a highly rigorous atmosphere that is also deeply supportive and personalized.

LLW students enjoy a rich intellectual life both inside and outside the classrooms. Classes are small, and taught by a faculty of top-tier, nationally recognized scholars, researchers, and artists. Students participate in a range of cultural activities and co-curricular experiences that foster reading, writing, and communication skills. Each year LLW students travel with faculty to research and artistic conferences, where faculty present their work--and, just as often, LLW students present theirs. Under faculty mentorship, students submit creative and scholarly writing to national publications, and work as editors at Northwest’s national literary magazine, The Laurel Review. Students are guided to develop leadership and communication skills in the co-curricular Writing Fellows program and campus Writing Center (and they get paid to do it). Faculty also help students find and apply for internships during college, and for jobs or graduate programs after.

In addition to regular catalog offerings, we also offer one-time courses in specialized topics. You can read about some of the interesting things we learn together.


"Spanish" encompasses the experience of language, life, art, and culture, through the lens of the Spanish language. Students can pursue a BA in Spanish, BS in Spanish, Spanish minor or Spanish certificate. Students in Spanish at Northwest develop their communicative fluency, but also participate in a much broader engagement with Spanish as a medium for life, culture, and experience. You'll work with scholars and artists of the Spanish language. You'll be challenged to engage the language through its practice, its art, and its cultures. You'll research Spanish and issues in the Spanish-language world. You may write creatively in Spanish. Most importantly, you'll study as part of a small community of scholars and artists who engage in Spanish.

Spanish Education

A BS.Ed in Spanish prepares students to teach Spanish in middle school or high school. You'll develop your fluency in Spanish language and culture, but also learn best practices for teaching and, specifically for teaching foreign languages. You'll learn how to prepare students for citizenship and life in an increasingly interconnected world that demands a broad range of communicative skills and cultural competencies.


English is the study of the reading and writing of texts with the goal of becoming thoughtful and knowledgeable readers, writers, thinkers, communicators, and artists. An English curriculum provides provides cross-training for the intellect. As a BA in English or English minor, you’ll engage in discussions about literary works. You’ll be asked to write in a variety of analytic and argumentative genres. You’ll be challenged to view language scientifically in linguistics courses and artistically in creative writing workshops. You'll grow intellectually, creatively, and critically. And all Northwest English majors, under close faculty mentorship, build a digital portfolio of their writing, editing, and other projects to share with future employers.

English Education

A degree in English education prepares students for meaningful careers in middle and high school classrooms. In Northwest's BS.Ed in English, you'll learn the skills you need to be successful in the classroom--classroom management, differentiated instruction, professionalism, practical strategies for teaching reading and writing--but you'll also learn about the teaching of English as a craft and as an art. We pursue careers in English education not because we hope to achieve fame or great wealth, but because we want to make a difference in our worlds, to lift teens up and teach them to read their own worlds critically. As an English education major, you’ll learn how to teach those skills, but you’ll learn how to teach them using methods that promote social justice and give kids the tools they need to thrive in an evolving world and be active citizens in that world through a lifetime of reading and writing.


Writing inspires, communicates, solves problems, and seeks truth. Moreover, When employers make hiring decisions, they seek smart people who write well. Students in Northwest’s BA in Writing, BS in Writing, and Writing minor practice writing across the writing studies spectrum, from workplace-oriented writing to literary-creative writing, from professional reports to poems. The curriculum is excellent preparation for life as an artist, scholar, citizen, and professional--all the things you should be when you finish your undergraduate education, and all the things you need to succeed in contemporary life. This degree may lead to graduate or professional study, especially in law and business and in graduate programs that value extensive background in writing. Other students may pursue professional careers in editing, writing, translation, publishing and communications.

Writing: Creative Writing and Publishing

The Bachelor of Arts in Writing with an emphasis in Creative Writing and Publishing provides extensive study of writing as literary art and business. The emphasis in creative writing and publishing has been designed for students interested in coursework and professional careers in editing, writing, translation, publishing, and communications. Students complete a diverse and varied curriculum that will include courses in rhetoric, writing in the digital age, advanced creative writing, copyediting, or writing your memoir or novel...just to name a few. We’ve designed majors in writing that support and challenge students to grow into flexible, effective, communicative writers.

Writing: Professional Writing

The Bachelor of Science in Writing with an Emphasis in Professional Writing provides extensive study of writing in professional contexts. Students engage in a broad range of practical and theoretical experiences that emphasize workplace genres, audiences, and problem-solving. The emphasis in professional writing has been designed for students interested in coursework and professional careers in technical writing, publishing, communications, and business management. LLW also an undergraduate Professional Writing Certificate as a complement to other majors, which offers permanent, university certification that you have developed the written communication skills employers demand.

Individualized Language Program

Working under close faculty guidance, some students may pursue an individualized language program minor.