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M.A. in English

Our graduate program in English is unique to the region in that most of our literature, writing, and creative writing classes are broadly conceived "umbrella" classes. The specific content of these courses change each time the class is offered. This system allows students the variety and depth of experience that characterize effective Master's level programs in English.

M.A. degree; 30 hours

Course No. Course Name Hours
Eng 10-610 Intro to Practical & Theoretical Criticism 3
Approved Electives 6
English Electives 21
Total Hours Required 30

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M.A. in English with Speech Emphasis

Students in the M.A. program may elect to take a concentration in Speech by declaring their intention to do so when filing for candidacy. They will be advised to take their six hours of unspecified electives in Speech, and, depending on their backgrounds in English, they may elect to take up to an additional six hours in Speech. In no case will a student take fewer than 14 hours of English.

Students seeking the M.A. in English with a Speech emphasis will complete a Department of Language, Literature, and Writing portfolio and oral defense and will complete a comprehensive examination in the area of Speech. Each department will be responsible for constructing and evaluating its part of the final assessment.

If you would like further information, feel free to call Dr. Jenny Rytting at 660.562.1741 or email her at

About the Department

The Department of Language, Literature, and Writing has twelve specialists -- eleven with doctorates and one with an M.F.A. -- teaching in our various areas of literature, language theory and pedagogy, and creative writing. Classes are small (generally five to fifteen students), and the professors are interesting, friendly, and very accessible. The work environment and the classes are very pleasant here, and our English graduate students form close working relationships. The Department offers five graduate assistantships, and English graduate students have assistantships in other departments around campus as well. English graduate assistants work twenty hours per week in The Writing Center.