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Graduate Programs

The Department of Language, Literature, and Writing offers three master's degrees:


With most graduate courses under 10 students, and with much one-on-one advising and mentorship of students in the assembly of the graduate portfolio, we feel our students get the best possible graduate experience. Our placement rate is 99%, and graduates of our program have found success in a variety of careers as well as many outstanding M.F.A. and Ph.D. programs. We’re a small program that’s dedicated to enhancing our students’ intellectual and imaginative and professional lives.


From our portfolio system, where students work with an advisory team of three full-time graduate faculty to complete a portfolio of academic and creative work, to the range of courses in literature, writing and language studies, or the opportunities for completing some or all of the program at a distance, the graduate programs in English at Northwest are designed to be shaped to the interests and needs of our students. We offer both a traditional two-year program and an accelerated program that can be completed within 15 months. Umbrella courses allow students a richer variety of course offerings, with more graduate faculty than many other programs of our size.


Students with a range of literary and academic interests work extensively with full-time faculty who are publishing poets, fiction and creative nonfiction writers, who have specialties in medieval literature, science fiction, linguistics, Shakespeare, film, rhetoric and composition, American and British and comparative literature, reception studies, and teacher education. We’re dedicated to our disciplines, and, most important, we bring a lot of passion to every class meeting, every one-on-one conference about your reading and writing.