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B.S.Ed. Spanish

Required Courses for Spanish

B.S.Ed. Degree (Certifies Grades K-12), 34 hours; Minor Required

Course No.

Course Name


Core Requirements 22
*Lang 14-242 Intermediate Spanish for Communication and Culture I 3
(Appropriate for must students with for or more years of high school Spanish.)
Lang 14-243 Intermediate Spanish for communication and Culture II 3
Lang 14-244 Beginning Conversation in Spanish 3
(May be taken concurrently with Lang 14-242 or 243.)
Lang 14-342 Advanced Spanish 3
Lang 14-344 Advanced Conversation in Spanish 3
Lang 14-345 Advanced Spanish Composition 3
**Lang 14-347 Study Abroad for Spanish or French 3
Lang 14-485 Senior Seminar 1
Required Course 3
Lang 14-448 Survey of Spanish Language Literature 3
Advanced Electives 9
(Minimum of 9 hours from the following; at least 6 are to be taken on the Northwest campus or from northwest faculty. Courses may be taken concurrently.)
Lang 14-347 Study Abroad for Spanish or French (1-4)
Lang 14-348 Spanish History and Culture (3)
Lang 14-400 Special Offerings (1-4)
Lang 14-401 Special Topics (1-3)
Lang 14-446 Practicum in Spanish Studies (1-3)
Lang 14-447 Latin American Civilization (3)
Lang 14-448 Survey of Spanish Language Literature (3)
Lang 14-449 Independent Study in Spanish (1-2)
Lang 14-460 Advanced Studies in Modern Language (3)
Lang 14-470 Internship in Languages (1-3)
Lang 14-500 Special Offerings (1-4)
Total Hours 34

Students must take Lang 14-480 Methods in Teaching Modern Language as part of their professional education requirements.

*Lang 14-141 and 14-142 are prerequisite courses. These may count toward the major. 

**Participating in an approved Study Abroad experience or in an approved internship (14-470) will also satisfy this requirement.