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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Northwest Missouri State University-Kansas City?

Northwest-Kansas City will become an educational hub that provides educational solutions in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Northwest-Kansas City will facilitate dual credit programs with area high schools and through the Northland CAPS program, provide completion programs for area community college students, offer graduate programs for working professionals, and meet workforce development needs. Students will have access to more support services and programs than were available previously at the Kansas City Center. Please reference the facility as “Northwest-Kansas City” rather than a Northwest campus, teaching site, outreach center, or Kansas City Center.

What prompted the initiation of Northwest-Kansas City?

The decision to launch Northwest-Kansas City is the University’s response to its strategic objective of innovative enrollment growth, specifically the goal of growing off-campus and online enrollment.

For students

Will Northwest-Kansas City students have to take classes on the Maryville campus to complete their program of study?

Northwest-Kansas City will recruit students to programs that are primarily available on site in Kansas City. If a student were to choose to complete his/her program of study at Northwest-Maryville, the Northwest-Kansas City staff will ensure a smooth transition to the Maryville campus.

Will students at Northwest-Kansas City still receive benefits similar to a Maryville student?

Northwest-Kansas City students will be afforded all of the administrative services and benefits a student receives in Maryville. Arrangements will be made to distribute notebook computers, student ID cards, yearbooks and undergraduate level textbooks. The University’s student support areas on campus have been working closely with Northwest-Kansas City to ensure students will receive appropriate services onsite or via the campus in Maryville.

Can Northwest-Kansas City students participate in commencement on the Maryville campus?

Northwest-Kansas City staff will encourage students to participate in regularly scheduled commencement ceremonies on the Maryville campus. Accommodations will be made for students to pick up their cap and gown at Northwest-Kansas City the week prior to commencement.

Northwest-Kansas City faculty information

Who will teach the courses at Northwest-Kansas City?

Currently, the Northwest-Kansas City staff is accepting applications for “per course faculty” to teach courses at Northwest-Kansas City. These individuals will be hired on a per course basis. Potential “per course faculty” can visit the Northwest Office of Human Resources, Employment Opportunities page to apply.

Will Northwest-Kansas City have full-time faculty on site?

As the various completion programs grow to scale, Northwest-Kansas City will begin to hire non-tenure track, full-time faculty.

Who will evaluate the faculty at Northwest-Kansas City?

The per course and full-time faculty of Northwest-Kansas City will be evaluated by the students via online end-of-course evaluations as well as by the respective department chair/school director and the Northwest-Kansas City director. All Northwest faculty, regardless of location, will be evaluated per Chapter 2 guidelines in the Northwest Missouri State University Faculty Handbook.


What degree programs will be offered at Northwest-Kansas City?

Northwest-Kansas City will offer bachelor’s degree completion programs. The bachelor’s degree completion programs will enable transfer students from area community colleges to leverage their completed associate’s degree into a bachelor’s degree.  Bachelor’s degree completion programs will vary in length, with the majority being completed two years after the student’s associate’s degree. Northwest-Kansas City hopes to continue partnerships with Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City Kansas Community College and Johnson County Community College to recruit potential students and assist with pre-advising to ensure the students have access to the shortest path to obtaining their bachelor’s degree through Northwest.

What is Northland CAPS and how is it related to Northwest-Kansas City?

Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) is an education partnership involving Northwest, eleven K-12 School Districts (Excelsior Springs, Kearney, Lapthrop, Lawson, Liberty, North Kansas City, Northland Christian, Park Hill, Platte County, Smithville and St. Pius X) and dozens of Missouri-based business partners. High school students are immersed in professional environments engaged in curriculum developed by industry professionals and high school program instructors – ensuring that what is taught in the classroom is relevant to the workforce. Learning is enhanced by project work direct from industry partners who engage to mentor students and ensure timely, accurate and real project results. Northwest has been given the opportunity to provide dual credit for all of the Northland CAPS strands and currently houses the Digital Media and Design strand.


Where is Northwest-Kansas City be located?

Northwest-Kansas City is located on the fourth floor of the Northland Innovation Campus (NIC). The NIC is located at 6889 North Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, MO  64118. The NIC also houses the North Kansas City School District Students in Academically Gifted Education program.

What will the Northwest floor include? (Square footage, number of classrooms, lounges, offices)

The fourth floor is a little more than 17,000 square feet. It will consist of administrative offices, a reception area, 12 classrooms, a faculty lounge and meeting room, and a student lounge.  The Northwest floor includes a Student Services Center where students can visit for information regarding application and enrollment processes, career services, financial aid, and other support services. 

What is Northland Innovation Campus and how is it related to Northwest-Kansas City?

The Northland Innovation Campus (NIC) is the name of the building. The NIC is the result of an innovative partnership between the city of Gladstone, Mo., North Kansas City Schools and Northwest Missouri State University. The NIC is designed to provide 90,000 square feet of office and educational programming space for NKC Schools, Edward Jones Financial, and Northwest. 

What are the directions to the facility?

  • From I-29:  Take 152 Highway East exit. Follow 152 until you get to N. Oak Trafficway. Take the N. Oak Trafficway exit. Go south to 69th Street.
  • From I-35: Take 152 Highway West exit. Follow 152 until you get to N. Oak Trafficway. Take the N. Oak Trafficway exit. Go south to 69th Street.
  • From I-435: Take 152 Highway West exit. Follow 152 until you get to N. Oak Trafficway. Take the N. Oak Trafficway exit. Go south to 69th Street.

Where will faculty, students, and visitors park? Is there a charge?

There will be a lot adjacent to the building available for faculty, staff and visitors. There will be no charge for parking.